AN AWARD!!! *updated

Wow!! Ya go away for a couple of days and you miss an award!!  I have to say, thank you, thank you, thank you, Kayce for giving me this award!!  I love your blog too.  And I am honored.  TRULY!


And now, I am going to award 7 people with the same amazing award…

Christina– chick you always make me laugh. 

Dr. M– you have the ability to make my stomach hurt from laughing.

Laura– Ahhhh, you are so awesome.  I can really get in trouble with you! : ) 

Meg– my sister-who wins this award because she threw a tub of butter at my head.

Amy– my sister who can say "let me check with my mom, Peter" and make me cry from laughing.

Courtney -you can look at me and I not only laugh, but know what you are thinking. 

Ti Ti Ayi– you and your sweet family make me smile daily!!

Ok, go nominate!!  And THANK YOU again, Kayce.  You made my day!!

*if I gotcha- you have to award 7 people!!


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