Happy Halloween


Farmer’s Market

Week 1:                                                 Week 3:

apples                                                     salad stuff

oranges                                                   apples

pears                                                      oranges

carrots                                                     melon

cucmber                                                   carrots

lettuce                                                     celery




Week 2:                                                Week 4:

bananas                                                 apples

apples                                                     oranges

carrots                                                    salad veggies

oranges                                                   broccoli

lime                                                        potatoes

salad stuff



So, tomorrow is now only Halloween, but it is also my day-o- shopping before the money fast.  I am totally excited about this upcoming month.  I have made a list, and here it is for those who care.  LOL, actually, I love the fact that I have people who will hold me accountable.  Love you guys!!

paper towels
toilet paper
bottled water
apple juice
bbq sauce
pasta sauce
brown rice
chicken broth
go gurt

cheese (cheddar&mozarella)

turkey (lunches)









ice-cream or popcicles


tortilla chips


chicken (10 meals)

ground beef (4)

post roast (1)

tri-tip (1)



OKIDOKE, that is Costco…

next post, grocery store and Farmer’s Market

Crazy Lady Menu Nov. 2007

Let me know if you can see all this! Sheesh.

*BTW, have no clue why, but breakfast is listed on the bottom.  On mine at home, it is listed on the top.  No clue as to why it swapped spots.  Also, S= supper.  I wanted it BLD but the calendar kept listing it in alphabetical order, so I used Supper instead.  Now, it made no difference anyway.  Heh.



So, how does this work?  Well, I kinda just figured it out as I went along last time.  For gas, I make sure I buy a tank at the beginning, and with the way I drive, I usually fill up every other week.  So I do have to get gas.  I use my debit card to fill up and then give it back to Michael.  With it in my mitts, I know myself well enough to know that a quick trip to Target would ensue.  So I give it up.

One of my favorite things, since I don’t drink coffee, is (close your eyes, Meg) a big ol diet coke with ice and a straw.  But, when added up, it COULD easily equal 30.00 a month, A MONTH!!!  So, I forgo that and bring my own from home.  Coffee is a lot of money these days!   So, if you are going to try this, I think that it is a big sacrifice.  But, it is worth it.

I have made up my menu for the month.  I know y’all are gonna think I am crazy-ah well, we all knew that anyway.  So I am going to try an link it on a Google calendar.  And, let me know if you want to see the full monty and take a look at my lists for Costco, market and Target.  This, by the way, is how I do it.  You can totally adjust and do this anyway that works for you.  I would LOVE to have some co-non spenders.  Jump in!!  The water is tepid, but it gets better as you go along.  : )

Money Fast


I want to preface this post by saying….we are totally fine with our finances.  Nothing wrong.  Also, I want to say that I have been doing great with my spending.  But I am feeling a need to go on a money fast for a month.  I did this a year or so ago and it was amazing.  It really caused me to rely on God more for some issues that were hiding behind random trips to Target.  So, starting Nov. 1st I will be on a money fast for the month.

What does this entail?  Planning a month worth of meals for one.  A big trip to Costco.  I will be going to either the grocery store or Farmer’s Market for the weekly fresh veggies and fruits, but that will be it.  I give my debit card to my hubby to hold and keep a 20 in my wallet just in case.  It takes some planning.  It takes resolve and prayer.  But I tell you, by the end of that month I was amazed at not only what I got accomplished, but my creativity, my prayer life and my fitness improved. 

All in all, I really feel that it is a neccesary thing to do.  I will be posting my menu and shopping list.  I will also be asking for any tips!  Anyone else want to try it with me?