Off on an adventure

My sweet husband is off on a journey today with my amazing brother-in-law Scott and his brother-in-law, Andy.  What does that make Andy to us?  A brother-in-law once removed?  I digress.  They are hiking from Bishop to Mammoth.  Around 90 miles.  All in one day.  Kidding.  Actually they will be gone a week.  I am so so excited for Michael!!!  He has not done this before.  Scott and Andy have been hiking the Pacific Crest trail.  A so far 6 year journey.  Every year they do the next leg.  Michael has been wanting to go for forever.  Now he is.   I am so proud and excited for him.  Please pray for their safety.  I will miss him.  And pray for me and the kids at home this week.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  Off to smooch my man before he leaves!!


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