Well, my root canal was as good as it gets.  I now have a sore jaw, and a crown in my future- but all is good.  I love my dentist.  She is awesome.  Katie, well she is Katie- here are a couple of photos from her morning with Sarah and Auntie Courtney

Sarahkatie She looks so big to me…

Sarahkatie3 Best friends….

Ok, so the doctor checked my sweet girl out- and her back, her hips and legs look beautiful.  No major problems other then the fact that she walks like Tim Conway on The Carol Burnett Show.  She seems to have a little bladder infection which is what is causing the pain- or so my doc thinks.  So we are on antibiotics and awaiting the culture from the lab.  So for now, she is laying on my floor watching Arthur and rolling around. Gotta love that kid.  She amazes me.

Ok, so onto our weekend.  Michael had been out of town last week on business.  So we got to go pick him up on Friday night.  Then on Saturday, both boys had soccer games.  They did great!  Jack is flourishing.  He has some amazing ball handling skills and is loving it.  It is fun watching him. Sammy had fun with his team as well- and he does a great job keeping on that ball.  It is fun.

Saturday night was AWESOME.  I went to see Wicked with my WONDERFULLY AMAZING friend, Tricia and her sweet, beautiful daughter Alessi.  Along with my son Sammy’s "other momma", Carly (I love you, Carly!!!  You are WICKET cool).  Alessi is turing 13 this month, so her mom surprised her with a weekend in LA.  They had a girly weekend together and they graciously shared their Saturday evening with me.  We went to this great restaurant for dinner and saw one the Waynans brothers.  We then traveled to The Pantages Theater to see Wicked.  It was WONDERFUL.  After the Red Vines and Diet Cokes in the VIP room, we went to the stage door and we met EVERYONE!!  It was so cool.  I am amazed at the gifts people posess.  Here are a couple of photos from the evening.  Thank you Carly, for being my date for the evening.  God has brought me a gift in you.  Thank you Tricia for allowing me to tag along a bit on your weekend.  You know how much I love you- my friend.  And sweet Alessi- you are an amazing girl.  You have a sweet heart and your love for the Lord shows in everthing you do and say.  I love you!!  Happy Happy Birthday.

Dinnertrish Dinner at Magnolia

Img_4807 The 3 prettiest girls at Wicked (right before I almost got us thrown out for taking this photo…)

Img_4809 Megan Hilty- Galinda-the Ga is silent. 

Elfaba And Elfaba- Eden Espinoza.  Toss toss.

Img_4811 Then last night, we surprised Courtney with a Birthday Dinner at Buca Di Beppos!  Our small group did it and she was surprised!!!  Love ya Courtney!!

Img_4813 Lovin that bracelet.  : )


7 thoughts on “Today

  1. thanks jenny-you are the best! wicked was so fabulous and it was so wonderful to share it with you my dear sweet friend! “because of you…”oxoxox

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