There are some things that make me mad.  Really mad.  Lately it seems as though I have heard more and more stories about parents forgetting children in the car, leaving them to cook to their death.  There was one time, in our townhouse while getting Jack into the car (when he was about 10 months old) when I accidentally locked him in the car.  Now, I was right there.  I saw him.  I stayed with him and cried and screamed until the handsome fireman came and got him out.  I NEVER left his side.  Nor did I forget about him.  And it was a matter of maybe 10 minutes.  And it was in the winter and in an underground parking lot.

All the defenses about these parents, they are on their way to take the baby to daycare and since the sweet little one was sleeping and quiet, they *forgot* that their child was with them.  With all the to-do lists, all the meetings, all the money to make and the stresses of work made them forget their most precious cargo sleeping blissfully in the back of the car, unaware of the fact that they soon would be alone and dying.

Every time I hear a story about this, my heart aches for those children.  What is more important then your child?  I have been stressed, busy, distracted- but I would never forget my child in the back of my car.  I sometimes feel as though I would be considered in the minority with my feelings.  And I just saw something that proves that point.  This is for sale.  What?  What in the world?  OK, so going on your merry way, briefcase, keys and Mocha in hand.  Sit down at my desk after saying hello to my officemates.  What is that alarm?  Did I just get a text message?  Did I forget to take my vitamins?  Is it time for my Pilates class?  OH, that’s right- little baby girl is still in the car.  Thank goodness for this contraption.  Thank goodness that baby gets to live one more day.  At least until the battery wears out on the alarm. 


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