Things that make ME ME


Awhile ago, I posted some things that are what I think make me me.  Like I wear deodorant to bed.  Remember that one?  Well, here are a few more.  Just for fun.

1.  When I change sheets  (on Thursdays), I HAVE to shave my legs before I get into bed.  For whatever strange reason, I LOVE the feeling of freshly shaven legs on freshly washed sheets.  I am fresh.  Can you tell?

2.  Scent is HUGE to me.  I love smells- good ones mind you.  I have lots of candles around my house.  I am very brand specific because of smells.  For example, I have to use Tide- not only because it  works amazingly well, but it smells clean to me.  So does Bounce.  So does Comet.  I love the smell of cinnamon around my kitchen and a light flowery smell in our bedroom.  Not heavy, just fresh.  There it is again, that fresh thing.

3. I love the beach, but CANNOT stand the feeling of my feet after I get home.  I detest dry feet.

4.I long for things that are no longer available.  Post Oat Flakes, Agree Shampoo, and a Portuguese dessert called Natas that I ate in Moura.

5. I miss my husband when he is at work.

6.  I am neurotic when it comes to food (especially milk and meat) and its possibility of spoilage.  I will throw things away on the day the date says. 

7.  I could live on bread and butter or pasta and butter.

8.  I watch every show on EVEREST that comes on. 

9. If left to my own devices, I could eat an entire pack of Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos on my own.

10.  I hate hot drinks.  Of any kind.

There you have it. 


9 thoughts on “Things that make ME ME

  1. I too miss my husband when he is at work, it feels as though he’s in another country. I also LOVE fresh sheet with fresh shaved legs…so does my husband! 🙂

  2. We are very particular about meat and milk too. We overcook our meat to make sure that it is done. Thank goodness we feel the same way because most people would not care for the dried out meat we eat. I also do not like hot drinks. I am not a fan of soup either. Hot things just don’t appeal to me. Mint milanos are wonderful.

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