Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

I cannot believe it is September.  I have actually planned for a whole month of dinners.  But I will not bore everyone with a whole month. So, here is our week. 



B: Banana pancakes with "snow"

L:  turkey wraps, chips, apples

D:  Hamburgers, corn, baked fries, guac.


B:  Oatmeal or cereal, go gurts

L:  Out

D:  Homemade Pizza and Cesar Salad


B:  "birds in a nest" (an egg in the middle of toast), turkey bacon, sliced berries

L:  turkey & cheese, grape tomatoes (J), sliced cucumber (S) strawberries, chocolate chip cookie

D:  grilled chicken, brown rice, broccoli


B:  waffles and canadian bacon

L: PB&J, carrots, grapes, chocolate chip cookie

D: fish tacos, beans


B: baked oatmeal with blueberries

L:  hot lunch

D:  Bradbury Burritos and salad

What is your week???


6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

  1. I don’t have too many repeats, but I have similar meals- like grilled chicken with rice one night, grilled chicken salad another. I do a big run to Costo, and bulk up on the meat and non perishable items I need. I also buy milk and eggs there. Some fruit I will get there, but other fresh produce I buy weekly either at Farmer’s Market or at the market. For breakfasts and lunches I only plan a week at a time, but I usually have the staples on hand for that. I am really trying hard to give the kids wholesome and whole foods as much as possible hence the brown rice and whole grains.

  2. Hi, could I be totally high maintenance and ask you to start categorizing your posts? I know you have written several recipes and I am having a difficult time finding them without searching through your entire blog 🙂 Thank you

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