Busy weekend

Now the great mystery of the washing machine has been solved.  Well, kinda.  I thought I might post a few photos of our weekend.  Exciting and fun all in one spot.

Img_4772 My handsome mountain climber.  Though it was about 180 million degrees on the hike.  He and my awesome bro in law, Scott went for a pre-backpacking backpacking hike.  They are preparing for an 85-90 mile week long backpacking trip later in the month.  You rugged men.  *please don’t tell them, but I would NEVER want to go….* You guys ROCK.

Img_4769 Scott, the other mountain man…

Img_4774 Spaghetti and meatballs night….always a hit

Img_4779 Tonight, I made homemade peach cobbler.  Mike is going to try it later, I will let you know how it is!

Img_4783 and, made my own hamburger buns.  YUM!

Img_4787 And my sweet Jack lost another tooth….

And that, my friends is pretty much our weekend here at Chez Markmiller.  Tomorrow is orientation at school.  The boys find out who their teachers are and which friends are in their class.  Katie Mei is in bed already and all 3 boys are boogie boarding one last time at the beach.  Have a good night.


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