Sad Today


This gentleman has been a "part" of my life since I was little.  Hal Fishman was the anchor at KTLA news at 10, and passed away today.  And for some reason, it has made me very sad.  I think he was a constant in my evenings.  And no one could turn a story into something about flying like Hal. 


5 thoughts on “Sad Today

  1. Glad you noted his death, Jenny. I just logged onto Yahoo today and happened to see something about him out of the corner of my eye, and then I saw the sad news that he had passed away. My mom has watched him at 10pm everynight since I can remember. When I was living at home I would watch with her, and when I was just down there I saw him on the news again, and I asked her “Jeez! How long has he been on there!?” But I really enjoyed his commentary section, and he was a good anchor. When someone is “in your home” like that for so many years, it does become personal. I got on the phone right away to call my mom to see if she’d heard about his death, and she hadn’t, and was quite saddened. The 10pm news just won’t be the same without him.

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