Here, tired and crabby

We are tired and crabby at the Markmiller house. 

We have been trying to decompress a bit from the play, and gear up for the play again this Friday.  Sammy has been having a hard time.  I really think it is due to being tired and missing his pals from the cast.  I know that we ALL just fell in love with the theater team (all the leads), and going from spending every day with them to nothing has been tough.

Today we went to the camp at Learning to Live Fellowship to fit costumes on the kids down there.  It was hot and crazy, but we got most of the kids fitted.  Jack found out he gets to play the prince in the beginning of the play as well as his friend C.J.’s cohort.  He is happy.  Sammy was really excited to see Carly and all the other kids again too.  Tomorrow we have a pick up rehersal at night, then all day Friday and Friday night.  Phew.

Then on Saturday, we are off to San Diego to see Amy and Scott and Lindsay and Taylor.  Taylor is in a production in San Diego and we are going to visit with our friends from Phoenix who will be down there.  Then on Monday, we are off for a few days with a few amazing friends.   WE CAN"T WAIT. 

I am pooped and a bit crabby myself.  But nothing bad.  Being a momma is a sometimes hard job.  But in the end, when I go into their rooms and hear their quiet sleepy breathing, and I tiptoe up and kiss their flushed cheeks, I am reminded once again of just how blessed we are.

070407_fourth_of_july_22 070407_fourth_of_july_36



4 thoughts on “Here, tired and crabby

  1. You said that PERFECTLY!!! Our summer has been very “stressful” so far and it makes me kind of crabby too!!! But you are right – even though they add to the stress, those little ones are WORTH EVERY BIT OF IT!!! Hang in there!

  2. I hear ya, sista! And every night, I crawl onto their beds, stare at them for a moment, pray for them and kiss them, and it makes it just a bit easier the next day. 🙂

  3. Soooo there with ya! This summer has been booking up so fast with activity! Peter’s birthday is coming up and I am clueless as to what to do for him.
    Caroline has been so busy and tired that she actually took a 3 hour nap at 12:30 today! She NEVER does that!

  4. Sometimes, we are reminded how human we are. And then we turn around and see all the blessings. Isn’t it an amazing walk. Love you… Hang in there

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