A little harvest…

Img_4397 Look at those cucumbers!!

Img_4399 The biggest of 3 pumpkins!!


8 thoughts on “A little harvest…

  1. Nice job! I see a salad in their future!
    We’re working on some watermelons (long way to go yet), yellow squash, zuccini, and green pepper. None have come to harvest yet, though.

  2. That’s very thrilling! Garden cucumbers taste so much better than the waxy, seedy ones in stores. Also, your pumpkin(s) might give Roloff Farms a run for their money!

  3. How fun! Gwyneth had a garden with her godmother at our old house in Seattle and they grew big pumpkins, and various other things. She loved having a pumpkin that she grew herself on Halloween.

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