Heaven help me

I am cleaning my closet…..

if I am not blogging in 3 days, send in the reinforcements…..


We are home!!!

We had a really great time in Laughlin.  The kids (all of us) got to jet-ski, swim, lounge, knee board, wake board and laugh.  We had a blast.  Jack tried knee boarding and loved it, he also went 61 mph on a ski-doo with Uncle Rod.  Speaking of Uncle Rod, when Sammy went jet skiing with him, they ran out of gas- and Sammy was really brave!!  He also went tubing.  They all loved playing with their friends in the water.  Mike and I loved it as well!!  Thanks to the Cash family and friends.  We love you guys!!

here are a couple of photos…


Uncle Brandon and the boys


Jumpin Katie


Is this fun or what?


Best friends

On our way home, we stopped at Mitchell Caverns.  We went on a cool hike and tour of the caverns.  Lots of fun!!


THE chair

I totally forgot…here is the Gaston chair in the Salvation Army shop, before:

Gchair1 Sorry- from my cell phone, it is the middle one…

And, after my amazing husband got to it with his talents:



AWESOME.  And now, more from the play for your viewing pleasure….lol….



Favorite Photo Friday



Chop Shop


So today, the boys needed hair cuts.  According to them they didn’t.  According to me, they did.  So I had tired of the awful kids salon we had gone to many times before and had bad cut after bad cut.  A friend at church came and did great haircuts on the boys, but I don’t like to bug her too often.  I went on a net search for barber shops in the area.  I came upon this website for Ernies Chop Shop.  Cuts only 11$ for boys, so I decided to go.  What a hoot.  This place is awesome.  Check out the website.

The boys were a bit in awe of Ernie, AJ and Joser (that is not a typo).  They are awesomely tattooed and pierced and sweet as all get out.  They had Elvis, Jimmy Dean and skeleton posters.  Lots of old toys, and chairs and a total MAN barber shop.  It was awesome.  They got great haircuts.  And, they were too scared to move.  LOL.  Not for the faint of heart mom, but I just fell in love with the place. 

This got me contemplating some things.  Lately I have been challenged in my mom hood.  Not directly, but still challenged none the less.  There are so many different parenting styles.  So many lines drawn by families that may not be the same boundaries as our family.  It is hard sometimes because we like our children to experience life.  We like them to be out there "in the world" and meet and know people that are not cut from the same cloth.  I really like the fact that my kids are able to feel comfortable in many different situations as well as to make others feel comfortable as well.

We like to challenge them.  We like their faith and values to be challenged as well.  It is there that we can see their faith grow.  We even let them *gasp* fail sometimes.  And then we have the pleasure of using those teachable moments to watch them succeed.  Some folks may think our ways are to lenient, to liberal.  Mind you, there are lines drawn for us as well.  But when I see children who are sheltered to a degree that their lives follow a simple mundane path that is NEVER to turn or have a worrisome fork thrown into it, I worry.  I worry because I have seen many times that these children tend to rebel.  Or, in the case of some sweet friends, they are so terrified when they finally reach the world that they retreat into a shell that is hard to penetrate.

I guess what I really like is balance.  My children have a firm grasp on what we believe and have been coming into their own sweet walks with God.  It is an amazing process to be privileged to be a part of.  I am humbled daily by it.  I love seeing them in church singing with gusto and memorizing scripture.  I love hearing them read stories from their Bible with Michael at night.  I also love the fact that they can sit in a Chop Shop with manly tattooed guys and make jokes with them.  I also love the fact that they are proud of their sisters Chinese heritage.  And that they know some TV shows that I sometimes cringe at, but they love.  And I love the fact that they are challenged by watching those shows.  I love reading books with them that their friends have been reading.  I love hearing them say "but THAT is not what God would want us to do."  I love the lessons my children, albeit sometimes worldy children are learning.  I know they are becoming more like Jesus every day.




CYT Directors Choice Award Winner- Best Actor and Best Ensemble…..

Taylor YOU ROCK!!  Congratulations- we love you.  BABY BELUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (We have been your biggest fans from the beginning…)


Happy Anniversary!!!


To our friends Brandon and Courtney!!!  Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!  We love you guys.