To my amazing sister, Amy and brother in law, Scott!!!  I cannot believe you have been married for 24 years!  WOW.  I love you both so much, and can clearly see what marriage is supposed to be through you guys. 

Now, to make you all laugh a bit….I have to tell the story of how I took to the IDEA of Scott.  Amy and I spent a lot of time together while I was growing up.  Summers, for the most part, I was hers.  I LOVED it.  She and I always had fun (and when Meg was there too!!),  we listened to sappy music, watched The Love Boat, ate Pop Rocks, ordered Frings at Jack in the Box…laughed a lot.  I love her.  Even when she went to college, I would often visit her on the weekend, and she in turn would come home a lot.  We were (and continue to be) very close.

Enter, the boy.  Sheesh.  Scott.  Now, I liked Scott.  Don’t get me wrong.  I mean, he brought me roses the first time I met him and didn’t even bat an eye when I called him the wrong name.  He never turned me away, nor did he prevent me from spending time with Amy.  We went to movies, we went to the arcade and played Frogger.  I swam with him and he loved me like a little sister.  Then, things got serious.  I am talking  a diamond on the finger serious.  I was 11 years old and devastated.  The night he proposed, Amy even woke me up to tell me.  I was excited for her, but sad.  I thought she would be gone from my life forever.  C’mon, you can remember the pre-menstrual years, the emotions, the angst, the zits.  Good times.

So, while I really never showed it on the outside, well, except for one BIG meltdown, I was really struggling inside.  We are talking listening to KOST 103.5- to the sappiest love songs in the world and crying my eyes out.  So, what to do?  I sat down on a couple of occasions and wrote a couple of really sweet loving letters to Scott.  Really,  I mean it.  They talked of how much I loved Amy and how much I hated him!  Oh, did I let it rip.  I was so sure this mean awful man was going to steal away with my big sister to some far away world, where I no longer could sing Endless Love with her, or search all over Pasadena for Churros.

I wrote a few letters to Scott that summer.  And I hid them in a drawer in my room, thinking that I would be the only one to view the letters.  Though I secretly despised my future brother, I tried not to let it show.  Imagine my surprise when one day I came home to find my drawers dumped and cleaned out.  Where had my letters gone?  I couldn’t even imagine.  One of my parents had cleaned out my room whilst I was away.  And now, the letters were gone. 

I was so scared that I would get in trouble, but they were not mentioned again until I was much older.  Amy told me at some point that she had known about the letters.  I can now look back on my  " I hate you, Scott, I really hate you" (ala Marcia Brady)….and just laugh.  Not only is Scott the best  big brother I could ever ever have, but he loves my sister with passion and devotion.  The summer they got married, I often traveled by train (hey, by myself no less) to San Diego and was welcomed into their newlywed home.  We ALWAYS had the best time.  I hated going home on Sunday afternoons.  They were a safe haven for me, they were the calm in my storm.

Scott and Amy, not only are you my sister and brother, but you have raised me.  I thank you.  Thanks for putting up with a little girl holding tightly to a big sister.  Thank you for loving me through some really rough times.  Thank you for showing me what an amazing marriage should be.  I have watched you as God has molded you together until I can’t tell where one stops and the other begins.  I pray that you will be blessed with many more years together.  I love you both!

Happy Happy Anniversary!!!


5 thoughts on “Happy………..

  1. I love you so much! Now stop it you are making me cry!!!
    Hold the frings out the window and let them cool.. Memories of Xanadu…

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