Father’s Day

To my sweet husband, Happy Father’s Day!!  We love you so much- and I am blessed to have you as not only my children’s father, but my husband as well.  I love you….

now, he is hijacking this blog, to write….

My name is Michael, and although I am frequently the subject of Jenny’s musings, I bear only the slightest resemblence to the person she’s been passing off as her husband.  To give you an idea, when Jenny writes "wonderful", she means "tolerable" or possibly "he bathed today."  Similarly, "thoughtful" is code for "he took his shoes off before getting into bed," and "affectionate" might mean "Oh.  I didn’t know they still made Binaca."  I feel I owe it to you, the reader, to give you a balanced perspective.

Kidding aside, I’m forever grateful to have such an affirming voice in my wife.  No matter how my day at work has been, she finds a way to lift my spirits the moment I walk in the door.  Some days, she’s waiting for me on the front steps with our kids.  Other days, the kitchen smells of pasta sauce and fresh bread.  My slippers, pipe, and scotch are always thoughtfully laid out for me.  (OK, I made that part up.)  Always, I know I am coming home to a wife who loves me no matter what.  If I were to set aside all her other excellent qualities, she would still be the most faithful, gentle, and giving woman I know.

Lest I forget (and subject everyone to another rant), Jenny gave me a great Father’s Day.  Actually, Father’s Day-and-a-Half, because we had special dinners yesterday and today, like bookends to all that went in between.  Cards were opened, shirts were admired, and there was even a paper tie and a poem.  No socks, but hey, a man can’t expect perfection on this side of eternity.   Please allow me to close with a photo of Jenny’s culinary creation, and a final "thank you" to Jenny, my kids, and the Father I hope to celebrate every day.




6 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Great post, Michael (and Jenny!). So nice to hear from the “other half” once in a while. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Father’s Day!
    Ya-what are ya eating?! Looks fancy!

  2. In addition to all the qualities Jenny brags about you, I think you are also an eloquent writer.
    Happy Father’s Day!

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