Here is my dilemma.  I have a laundry stank problem.  Katie Mei got a dress up trunk from Costco for Christmas.  Dresses, all princessy and froofy.  So about 2 months ago I noticed that something was really rank in Katie’s room.  I thought perhaps she had squirreled in some fruit or other food and then left it somewhere.  Upon investigation, I opened the dress up box and YUCK.  Awful.  I took it out to the laundry room, opened it all and aired it out.  Still stank.  Ok, so after awhile, I washed the clothes.  Nothing.  This morning, I decided to wash them again.  I washed them on cold with Tide and Biz and Downey.  I just opened the washer lid and IT SMELLS WORSE!  So now, I am washing it on hot with more Tide.  I am just at a loss!  Katie loves her dress up clothes.  Ugh.  Any insight?  I think if they still stink, we will be making a trip to Goodwill to get some other dress up clothes.



2 thoughts on “Stank

  1. Well, I’ve had success with products like “Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator” (at Albertson’s or KMart, supposedly) or similar. Otherwise, as a last resort, a couple capfuls of bleach (mixed well with water first) usually kills whatever is causing the smell. Good luck!

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