Menu Plan Monday


Yay!!  Back in action.  Stay tuned later for photos of our newly planted garden- and Katie Mei’s bed!! : )


breakfast:  pancakes, apple juice

lunch: pb&j, grapes, chips, brownie (made them from scratch!!  yahoo)

dinner:  Chicken Santa Fe, Chips


breakfast:  oatmeal, bananas, milk

lunch:  ham & cheese, sliced cucumber, grapes, pretzles, cookie

dinner:  grilled chicken, sauteed spinach and garlic, corn on the cob


breakfast:  cereal with milk

lunch:  turkey and cheese, peaches, go-gurt, chips

dinner:  turkey burgers with fixins, baked french fries, corn salad


breakfast:  toast with peanut butter, milk, apple slices

lunch:  wheat crackers, cheese, grapes, carrots, cookie

dinner:  soba noodles, chicken and veggies


breakfast:  bagels with cream cheese

lunch:  hot lunch

dinner:  make your own pizza, cesar salad


breakfast:  baked oatmeal, milk

lunch:  sandwiches, fruit, chips

dinner:  tacos, guacamole and chips

Have a great week!!


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Your menu sounds nicely rounded with all the food groups! I need to work on that!
    And I LOVE soba noodles! I need to make some noodle bowls next week.

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