Saturday Night


I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  We are off to see Wicked with our friends Brandon and Courtney on Saturday evening.  My amazing niece, Lindsay is coming up to babysit and we are going out to dinner and then to the show. Lindsay and Taylor loaned me the CD and all of us have just fallen in love with the music.  I can’t wait.

Then after Church on Sunday, where I am singing….we are off to the 2007 Dylan Festival in El Segundo where the illustrious 8-Tracks are performing…(which I am a part of)….here are a couple of photos from last year!  Catch ya on the flip side!!

Theeighttracks_byjackisackeim Eddie and me, nice clothes, eh??  Eddie is an amazing musician and married to the sweetest lady I know!!

8tracks_byjackisackeim Curtis and Greg (Good Times, Good Times)


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