The No Napping room…..

Why is it that every Markmiller child never naps past the age of 2 1/2?  Oh, wait, except when driving in the car on the way to pick up the boys.  Then she sleeps just great, and in the 15 minutes we drive there, she wakes up SO crabby that I just want to leave her asleep in the car, but can’t!  Sheesh.


back in the day….

3 thoughts on “The No Napping room…..

  1. I am SO with you!! Chloe has decided that she isn’t doing the nap thing either – or rather, we have decided – it’s bad when it’s 3:30 before she falls asleep and then she can’t fall asleep at night before 11 and she’s up two or three times during the night – so yup, we’re done too over here – but hey, I’m sleeping ALL NIGHT – who’s complaining!?!?!?

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