The house that got away from me….

We had a fabulous weekend.  Did some major gardening on Saturday.  Which for those of you who have seen our amazing dirt garden (I KNOW you were totally jealous of just how amazing our dirt looked)…should shock you a bit.  We planted some on one side to see if we like it.  WE love it.  So this week sometime we have to get the rest and we will plant the other side and then I will post photos.  Michael got a bee in his bonnet to do something or other with some cables and phone wires.  So he was up in the house, he was under the house.  Furniture is moved out from the walls.  Faceplate’s are off.  And, much to his disappointment, not his fault, he was not able to complete the project. 

So, yesterday was church.  After church Mike had a meeting, so the kids and I came home.  When Mike got back our friends, the Hansens called to see if we would be interested in meeting them at the beach for a couple of hours.  Hmmmm….beautiful HOT day, lots of sand toys, boogie boards and Coppertone sweet smelling kids….or cleaning up the house.  Heh.  Off to the beach we went and had a WONDERFUL time with the kids and our friends.  The boys, even though the water was chilly, were SO much braver then last year.  They had a blast.  Home from the beach, oatmeal for dinner and warm baths and bed.  I was hoping to clean up a bit when they were in bed, but we were pretty much up all night with Sammy- his asthma is kickin in high gear.  Katie has an awful rash, so she too was up cryin and scratchin.

Onto today.  The house.  It has gotten away from me.  I am at the point where I just want to move so not to have to deal with all the CRAP all around.  But, we had a great weekend.  LOL.  OK, dinner is in the Crockpot, laundry is spinning, the kids got the right medicine from the doctor today…..OFF AND RUNNING!!!



2 thoughts on “The house that got away from me….

  1. That picture is cracking me up! I know exactly how you feel about getting caught up with house chores. Ugh. The beach is so much better!

  2. Ok, so your sister was yapping about corn which totally reminded me of us in San Diego. Corn sounds sooooo good right now but can’t find any fresh and good up here. Farmer’s market should be starting up soon, hmmmmmmm cccoooorrrnnn.

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