I’ve been Critiqued!

How cool is this???  I found this blog, Critique My Blog and submitted my blog.  Here is the review.  Thanks so much, Bill.  Come visit anytime.  And go submit- it is fun.  : )  PLUS, there are other great blogs to read there too.

Another blog from one of my favorite platforms…Typepad! Another fantastic blog about the life and times of what appears to be a lovely family…a lovely family who recently visited the happy place on earth….Disney! It was Disneyland so I’m guessing they live in California. I just went to Disney in Florida over the Thanksgiving break and it was a great time to go…no crowds. Back to your blog. Nothing to criticize in my opinion. The writing flows like conversation which makes it a pleasure to read. Your love for your family comes across strongly in your postings. Blogs like this are fantastic because you get a warm feeling as you read through them. Great job and keep up the good work

8 thoughts on “I’ve been Critiqued!

  1. I checked it out…..there is so much to look at…and i just don’t have the time! Thanks for sharing the link though! Looks like Disney was a blast! 😉

  2. Fun-I will have to check it out. Of course I will have to start proof reading better and watch my spelling if I am going to consider submitting mine for a critique. 🙂

  3. I like that he likes your blog (who wouldn’t like your sweet blog?)but I was thinking, like, I wonder if he has a degree in blogginess? Because it seems popular!

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