Happy Birthday Sammy!!

I can’t believe you are six.  I remember the day you were born so vividly.  I was so excited that I was finally going to see your face.  I had gotten to know you and your kicks for 9 months, now I got to see who was doing all that kicking.  Your Daddy and Aunt Amy were there with me.  We talked a lot, Aunt Amy and I ate Jolly Rancher lollipops.  We watched TV and watched the clock.  And then you came into the world.  Oh, Sammy, I was so in love with you.  Your white hair, your beautiful blue eyes…your quiet little cry.  Your took hold of my heart. 

You have been a joy to me, Samuel.  You can make me laugh so hard.  You love with all your being.  You show how you feel with all that you are.  You are strong and passionate.  You love people and are so kind to all your friends, and strangers alike.  You love friends through really tough situations.  You befriend the friendless.  You are giving and loveable.  People are really drawn to your sweet spirit.  You are intelligent and an amazing reader.  You can draw the best things in the world.  It amazes me daily how your mind can grasp difficult concepts with ease.  You love learning.  I am in awe of your growth.

You are so creative.  I love listening to you play.  I love the stories you make up.  I love laughing with you over the jokes you tell.  I love watching you make Jack and Katie laugh.  I love the way you want to include them in everything.  You love God with all that you are.  I can see your faith growing in you daily.  Always remember how much God loves you, Sammy.  More then anything.  Even more then Daddy and I do.  He loves you.

I love you too.  You are a gift.  You are my son and I just cannot wait to see what the next years of your life hold.  Thank you for being such an amazing boy.  I love you, Sammy.  Happy Happy Birthday!!  I get to sit with you on the Matterhorn! ; )


Sam_and_kate Sampool


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sammy!!

  1. SAMMY!!!! We love you! Happy, happy birthday! Have a great day today at Disneyland. I hope you laugh and have so much fun.
    Aunt Amy

  2. What a sweet post you wrote about your precious little (or not so little anymore) boy. It made me tear up (with joy!). Happy Birhday! Maybe we will get to meet someday!
    Hey-how far are you guys from San Diego? We are going to be down there the last week of this month. We are coming up to visit my parents on Sat. and Sunday (May 26 & 27).

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