5 years

While talking to my wonderful neighbor, Margaret, whilst she was busy planting snapdragons, we realized that 5 years ago today we moved into this house.  Our very first house.  We had rented for the first 6 years of our marriage and parenthood.  Then we found it.  The perfect little house.  It is in a sweet neighborhood, with plenty of great streets for walking, biking, scootering or collecting rocks.  We live next to a train track….good and bad.  Good because the kids enjoy seeing all the different trains that go by.  Bad because of the dang engineers who are heavy on the horn at 3 am.  Usually they only come by once a day or less.  BUT, those random times where I am sure the guy driving is enjoying waking up the ENTIRE neighborhood…yuck. 

There is a great park within walking distance and we live minutes from our friends.  Not to mention, we have the best neighbors.  Our home is so sweet.  I love the old 1920’s coved ceilings and arched fireplace.  I love our built in in our dining room.  I love the kids rooms and our bedroom.  I love my red kitchen and the sweet backyard.  Even though all our flowers are dead and we have a white trash trampoline, it is sweet.  (kinda)  I am so thankful for this home.  I love the way I can hear Sammy singing while building Lego’s.  I love watching Katie chase Fenway around our dining room table.  I love walking to Foster’s Freeze, an old time stand, in the summer for dessert.  I love hearing Michaels car pull up in the driveway after work.  I love that Katie calls our neighbor her boyfriend.  I love that Jack has learned how to sink a perfect swish shot here.  It is home. 



3 thoughts on “5 years

  1. I love that it’s only 3 miles away from me! I remember helping you unpack. I was newly pregnant with Sarah and not feeling so hot. 🙂 I’m so glad you’re there. I’ve cried to you there, laughed with you (alot) there, we’ve hoped and dreamed together there, trick-or-treated there, and watched our kids become great pals. It is a great home. I love it too!

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