Menu Plan Monday


Hop on over to Laura’s blog to see many more!!

Monday:  b:  scrambled eggs, toast, bacon

               l:  PB & J, orange slices, pretzles, cookie

               d:  Sloppy Joes (I am gonna make them from scratch, help!!), baked fries, broccoli

Tuesday:  b:  baked oatmeal with blueberries, milk

                l:  turkey and cheese, apples, tortilla chips, cookie

                d:  grilled salmon, brown rice, salad

Wednesday:  b:  cereal with bananas, milk

                     l:  PB&B, grapes, popcorn, granola bar

                     d:  Chicken N’ Chips casserole, green salad

Thursday:     b:  Smoothies, cinnamon toast

                     l: ham and cheese, pickles, chips, cookie

                     d:  Sesame chicken with noodles, cucumber salad, edamame

Friday:        b:  pancakes, peaches, oj

                   l:  Rubios

                   d:  MYO pizza and cesar salad

Saturday:  (HEY DAY at the kids school!!0

                  b:  bagels with cream cheese

                  l:  In-N-Out Burgers at Hey Day

                  d:  leftovers or cereal night

Have a great week!!!


8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Weekly menu plans are a wonderful thing. I must get back on track with doing mine.
    I only used to do dinner menu plans. Just that really simplifies the week and eliminates the need to have the “what’s for dinner” conversation which wasn’t always fun.

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