What could I say?

Today I went to my class at the Y….worked my tail off, literally and went to pick up Katie Mei at childcare.  Courtney (aka "apples") and I walked in together to get our girls and all the nice childcare workers were there.  I signed Katie Mei out and was commenting on how talented one of the women were, she was feeding one little one a bottle while rocking another.  She laughed and we both agreed that being  a mom was a multi tasking job. 

Fun little conversation.  She goes on.  "My girl is with her dad on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This week he has her through Sunday.  It is awesome.  I have more time to myself now more then ever.  (this is the ringer)  EVERY MOM SHOULD GET DIVORCED to get more time to herself. "  hahahaha, she laughs and then tells me how glad she is to have that "me time".  I did not know what to say. Truly.  I kinda looked at her and said "oh?" and thankfully Katie and Sarah needed some Purell.  And we walked out.

I was kinda floored.  Every mom should get divorced so she can have more me time?  Wow.  Such a total opposite view.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a little time away.  But NEVER like that.  Made me a little sad.  Made me realize how wonderful my husband is.  And how I love the "we time"  we share every day.

Divorce ????

no thanks, I much prefer….



11 thoughts on “What could I say?

  1. I kept writing things then deleting them. Everything I came up with would have ticked off someone. Instead I am going to quietly be disgusted. Cute pic, I like your hair.

  2. sad…but i love the picture of you and mike. comments like that make you hold them a little closer and cherish what you have!:) btw, alessi is okayish?? we’ll see….

  3. Nice picture – great photographer. 🙂 This woman, oddly working with children, obviously doesn’t cherish her role as mother. Sure, kids come with their smiles, goos and gaas, but most people forget that they also come with screams, sleepless nights, and the need for “training”. I love mine – even if I’ve been yellin’ at them for the last 1/2 hour to pick up their messes. 🙂

  4. Oh wait, I’m lame – I thought that was taken in Hawaii. I guess Linds is a great photographer too. (Or whoever took it.)

  5. 😦 I used to think that way when I first left my ex. But that only lasted the first few hours of my son being gone. Now every other weekend he is at his dads and both my husband and I go into a slump. The “joy” and “laughter” in the house is not there.
    Oh boy, it’s gonna be like that this weekend….

  6. Or maybe she feels really crappy about the whole thing and ends up thinking this way to make herself feel better about the situation? I dunno. I guess you never know the whole story.

  7. Kayce, I am sorry, I didn’t at all mean to offend anyone. I don’t get that tone from your comment at all, but I feel like what I wrote could have been offensive. I think I was just sad for her because as my sister said, she sounded sad. I am so sorry.

  8. Oh Jenny please don’t feel bad! NO offense taken, it is reality for many women and men too. It’s actually good to talk about! I am totally okay with your post girl!!!

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