LONG weekend


WOW!!  What a weekend.  It started actually on Friday- Good Friday, Mike was finally coming home from his trip- late that night.  So on Friday I sang at church for  the Good Friday service at our church.  Then Mike met us at the church from the airport.  YAY.  I cannot tell you how good it felt to see him.  I missed him.  He is such and integral part of our family.  The kids were overjoyed, the drive home was a lot of fun.  We missed you, Daddy!!

So then Saturday.  Sheesh, seems so long ago now.  We had a surprise party for our friend, Margy, who celebrated her 10 year anniversary as worship leader at our church.  It was fun.  She was TOTALLY surprised.  That afternoon, I helped my friend, Courtney, in her new role of wedding coordinator- to translate a bit for a wedding at church.  I made fast friends with the groomsmen, and was totally embarrassed when asked to translate something word for word. Sheesh.   

Saturday afternoon, when I got home, we colored Easter Eggs.  What a fiasco.  The resident always spills something Sam, managed to dump the yellow dye all over, the kids didn’t care about it, and when they were colored, the immediately ate them.  OK then.  Fun!  Bedtime was supposed to come early- but with getting everything ready for Easter, ironing, showering, clothes ready, it did not.  Then Miss Katie woke up with her eczema flaring up.  It was bad, so finally after a couple hours, with lots of cream and a benadryl, she was able to sleep.

Morning came early,  Happy Easter!!  We had a really fun and full day at church.  Amazing worship and a great message.  Though, I had bought cute cute new sandals at Payless, they totally ate up my toes.  LOVE IT.  The kids looked amazing, I will post some photos later.  We then (after singing 3 services, getting a little loopy with the tambourine on the last song) went to our friends home for our annual egg hunt.  We got a BBQ lunch out of it and had a wonderful time with our sweet friends.

I then, went to help Courtney with the actual wedding.  I had not planned on going, but my newfound friends, the groomsmen, wanted me there.  SO off I went.  It was fun.  Even funnier were the little things.  Like the videographer and his beam me up scotty light.  And Aunt Pam.  Oh, Aunt Pam.  Home again home again….we had a lovely dinner of leftovers….and early bedtime for the kids.  Mike and I watched the Amazing Race, and went to sleep.  PHEW.  I am tired today.  The kids have another week off.  We are going on a scooter ride around the neighborhood and I am trying to catch up on laundry, menu planning and cleaning up the house. 

I hope that you all had a WONDERFUL Easter.  : )  Oh, and to my friend in the adoption community, I heard the latest referrals were 2 DAYS worth???? I am sorry.  I am praying for you all. XOXOX


2 thoughts on “LONG weekend

  1. wheww! after reading about your weekend, i think i need a nap!;) let’s just say another reason to move to phoenix would be….spring break is only ONE week!:)

  2. LONG, but fun weekend – it looks like! You conquered it all too!! Yep – that adoption news was a BIG BUMMER!!! I’m still holding onto the thought of God’s Hands moving the papers faster here one of these months – He can do it!!

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