5 years

While talking to my wonderful neighbor, Margaret, whilst she was busy planting snapdragons, we realized that 5 years ago today we moved into this house.  Our very first house.  We had rented for the first 6 years of our marriage and parenthood.  Then we found it.  The perfect little house.  It is in a sweet neighborhood, with plenty of great streets for walking, biking, scootering or collecting rocks.  We live next to a train track….good and bad.  Good because the kids enjoy seeing all the different trains that go by.  Bad because of the dang engineers who are heavy on the horn at 3 am.  Usually they only come by once a day or less.  BUT, those random times where I am sure the guy driving is enjoying waking up the ENTIRE neighborhood…yuck. 

There is a great park within walking distance and we live minutes from our friends.  Not to mention, we have the best neighbors.  Our home is so sweet.  I love the old 1920’s coved ceilings and arched fireplace.  I love our built in in our dining room.  I love the kids rooms and our bedroom.  I love my red kitchen and the sweet backyard.  Even though all our flowers are dead and we have a white trash trampoline, it is sweet.  (kinda)  I am so thankful for this home.  I love the way I can hear Sammy singing while building Lego’s.  I love watching Katie chase Fenway around our dining room table.  I love walking to Foster’s Freeze, an old time stand, in the summer for dessert.  I love hearing Michaels car pull up in the driveway after work.  I love that Katie calls our neighbor her boyfriend.  I love that Jack has learned how to sink a perfect swish shot here.  It is home. 



Why don’t they get it???

kSo, today at church, I am singing on worship team. Mike is teaching Sunday school. Sammy is in his class, Katie Mei is in her class. Jack is in church with friends sitting in the front row.  Now, you would think that he would assume that I can see everything.  Particularly when I am RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM.  He is just goofing around.  Absolutely goofing off.  Being Jack, which is great in most situations, but right then, not so much.  So I begin giving him the "LOOK".  You know the look.  Either you have given that look or been a recipeint.  He glances at me, smiles and continues on with what he was doing.  I am sure the rest of the congregation was like, what’s up with Jenny, because I continued.  He still ignored the look.  AHHH.  I just let it go.  It was not worth it.  He and I had a chat afterward- but it just kills me.  Now, I not only have a kid who ignores me, but wrinkles too.  ; – )

You know how some kids….

can barf perfectly.  Make it into the bathroom, bowl or bag every time.  They know when it is coming, and don’t freak out.  Then there are the other ones who fight the fact that they are feeling bad, then it comes to that one split second where he could run from the door of the bathroom to the toilet and make it, or, could just do it, right there.  All over the carpet in mom and dad’s room.  Not to mention the basket of books next to the door, the laundry basket (full of clean clothes), the bathroom floor, the walls, the shower door and walls, the throw rugs in the bathroom, on the molding.  He eventually made it toward the toilet, and, thankfully, spit a bit in it.  OH MY WORD.  Ok, he is fine today.  Seems to have been a quick bug, but, OH MY GOSH.  It took Michael and I 2 1/2 hours to clean it up.  Michael is my HERO, doing the big stuff.  Poor boy.  Well, that was my evening!  How was yours???


We will miss you…..

Michael’s great aunt, Tante Irma died today.  She would have been 100 in July, and was an amazing amazing woman.  I was blessed to know her.  She lived independently until a couple of months ago, had the best sense of humor, made the most amazing afghans and she could do needlework that would take your breath away.  The kids spent many Sunday with Tante Irma and Michael adored her.  We will miss you!!




So today is take your kid to work day at Michael’s job.  The kids have to be at least 8, so Jack gets to be there with him.  Mike has been looking forward to this for years- and so has Jack.  Sammy can’t wait to get there too.  Katie is being 2, all around.  She can do everything, and when she can’t, she gets really drama"y".  Ah, life with a toddler.  LOL.  I am washing all my curtains today.  I am totally PMSing and feel like a big blob.  Ok.  Here is a photo for you.



A typical Wednesday in the Markmiller home

Here it is, Wednesday.  The middle of another week.  Do you ever sit back and look at what your families life looks like?  And actually, how boring it must be to the outside world?  Truly.  Then  I go around to all my favorite blogs and realize how much I love to see what others are doing.  What other mom’s go through in a day.  What challenges you all face, what mountains you are climbing, and what stain you are removing from your child’s pants.  I love it all.

So what is a typical Wednesday in the Markmiller home?  Starts with Michael’s alarm going off at some way too early hour.  He has it set loudly because he tends not to hear it.  Well, let me tell you, he STILL does not hear it. I HEAR IT, and I in turn, become his alarm.  He then proceeds to hit snooze, curl up around me and we for a brief few moments forget all about our day and relish in those precious moments of peace and warmth.  Finally upon getting up, Michael proceeds to get ready for work whilst I go about my routine of making the bed, putting on some clothes and brushing my hair.  By this point, I hear the heat turning on (even in the summer, which floors me)- which means that Jack is up.  I then usually hear "good morning Mama!" from my happy girl Katie.  Then Sam, my sleepy head wanders out from his room.

The arguing then ensues about who gets the heater.  Which is quickly remedied by Mom turning off the heat.  With a quick check of the menu, I start unloading the dishwasher and then start working on breakfast.  Mike is usually milling about getting his stuff together, asking the boys to make their beds before breakfast.  Then we sit down (most days) to breakfast.  After, the kids get dressed and brush their teeth.  And argue again over the heater that has magically turned on again. 

Then it is goodbye daddy, kisses and hugs.  Then off to school we go.  After the kids get to their classes, Katie and I head to Bible Study at our church.  After that, we met up with Michael at Chipotle for lunch.  That was a nice treat.  Then home we go to try and get a nap in before we pick up the boys.  Put Katie in her room, put in a load of laundry, grab a granola bar and blog a bit.  Hear Katie playing and not sleeping, and then hear her little feet headed my way.  See that she has totally changed clothes.  I ask her why, "because I am stinky momma".  Uh, Hello?  You are potty trained.  Not so much.  Off to the potty to remove said "stinky" panties and thankfully make it to the potty for the remainder of the offending stank.

Excitedly remember that Nana is picking the boys up this afternoon.  Katie is hungry.  She is not going to nap.  I am all emotional over a story on a China adoption blog.  Katie gets to have some crackers and watch Max and Ruby.  The boys and Nana make it home,  Sammy has asked for a bit to play before homework.  Jack and Nana head out for some one on one time.  Katie is playing in the sandbox, I am doing more laundry.  Tonight is Pioneer Club for the boys at church, so dinner will be split up.  I am picking up our friends Emma and her brother Charlie to take to church.  After we get home, Katie gets a bath and then it is story time and prayer time.  Then she gets umpteen kisses and falls asleep.

Michael picks up all the kids and delivers Emma and Charlie home and then brings Jack and Sammy in.  They are ALWAYS wired.  But, brush teeth and to bed they go with hugs and kisses.  Much to the chagrin of Jack, who would rather have a high five.  Not so fast buddy.  Stop growing up so fast.

The house finally gets quiet.  Michael and I say hello to each other again.  We do our bedtime routine and then settle in to watch Lost together.  I record it too because I always fall asleep.  ALWAYS.  LOL.

That is what a normal Wednesday looks like in our home. If you have made it this far, hope it was an enjoyable ride.