Old TV show Friday…..  I was feelin all nostalgic…..

These are some of my all time favorite old shows….


Peta?  Peta?  Oh yeah, I keep forgitting….Pardon my Boop.


Wait till Your Father Gets Home

Total 70’s cartoon…anyone watch it??


Ya take the good, ya take the bad…..


Davey and Goliath

It’s a worm!!  All alone, all alone….


LOOOVE, exciting and new.  I LOVED this show.


Whee….whee…. Dun’t try to esplain anyting…


7 thoughts on “Favorite…..

  1. too funny! i just rented the first season of brady bunch for my kids…they watched some of it tonight, loved it! how about cosby show? rented that one too…it is so much fun to laugh with the kids and watch those shows! 🙂

  2. Oh, TV was so corny back then – with the exception of I Love Lucy. I spent way too many hours watching Bewitched, The Monkeys, and Little House on the Prairie.

  3. Ahh, yes. Remember when the worst thing that happened on The Brady Bunch was that Greg was caught with cigarettes in his jacket that weren’t even his?? Now the show would be about Greg being on crack cocaine, Marcia being 15 and pregnant – again, and poor Jan would be in therapy for having “middle child syndrome”. Cindy would be in speech therapy, Peter would be the school jock who has come out of the closet, and Bobby would be the next JR Ewing….
    Peter (my Peter) loves watching old episodes of The Flintstones. Just my speed…

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