Oh sheesh.


You know how sometimes someone you love makes a decision that is STUPID.  And you know that it is stupid.  And you warned them that it was dumb.  And yet, they ignore anything that you tell them, and go ahead with their idea.  It kills me.  I am so crabby about this situation, and there is nothing I can do about it.  Now, it doesn’t involve Michael or me.  Just so you are not freaking out.  I just cannot comprehend being well into your life, going thorough so many things, and still NOT GETTING IT. 

When I am older, please remind me that I need to not be selfish, I need to see beyond the "friends" that people out to make money think, and listen to perhaps my children.  Who have only your best interest at heart.  I pray I am not stubborn.  I pray that I will gladly listen when someone (or many someones) warn me that a certain thing is not right.  In fact, it could bring so much pain, so many issues.  Ugh.  Sorry, ok, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

4 thoughts on “Oh sheesh.

  1. Geee, hmmmm, who and what could you be talking about?!
    You know what I thought of? Like, what’s going to happen when the OLDER one is ALONE (not that I’m trying to be all dire and maudlin, but still, chances are)and completely unable to fulfill the deal? Or even come close? Plus medical issues and etc and arggh I can’t even talk about it without dipping into major angstorama. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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