You know those moments….

that catch you off guard and make you gasp?  I had one of those yesterday.  I was walking into the memorial service for Sammy’s classmates daddy.  I had not been looking forward to this day.  His passing was sudden, unexpected and very sad.  Watching their two children (twins in kindergarten) handle this situation with such grace and reality has been bittersweet.  So, yesterday, I dropped off Katie Mei with Courtney to play and headed up to the church.

The drive there was solemn.  I was thinking about how I would handle a day like this.  I know that I would survive somehow, but all I could think of is how I would want to just curl up in a ball and die.  I truly don’t know how I would handle if anything would happen to Michael.  I was praying and thanking God for the blessing of my husband and children.  I was trying as best I could to prepare myself. 

Other mom’s from kindergarten were there.  The teachers were there, the administrators plus a million family and friends of the family.  The request from the family had been that no one wear black.  This was a celebration of his life.  Deep breath, and in I walk.  Immediately I see the mom.  Strong is all I can say.  I gave her a hug.  She thanked me for coming and for our prayers.  I then see Sammy’s friend.  She sees me and beams.  There she is all decked out head to toe a princess.  From the pink beautiful dress and shiny shoes, to the tiara on her sweet head.  Completing the outfit is a beautiful wand.  She takes my breath away.  She runs up to me saying "Sammy’s mom- YOU CAME!!!"  She threw her arms around me and hugged me.  I bend down to look at her dress and to tell her how pretty she looks.  She twirls, as only the best princess’s can and tells me "Daddy always calls me his princess.  So I had to dress up for his party".  My breath was gone.  My heart was pounding.  My tears were torrential.  She was his princess.

Then there was her twin brother.  He ran up to me with a large hug too.  He was decked out in surfing gear.  Board shorts, rash guard and awesome Crocs.  He was carrying a teddy bear and a soccer ball.  Though we didn’t say much, I knew that he too had dressed for his Daddy.  Surfing, soccer and a big strong bear.  "Sammy’s mom!!  Do you like my bear?"  I love your bear, buddy.

It is moments like this, moments that are so unexpected and precious.  Moments like at the end of the service, the kids singing with all their hearts, Zip i dee doo daa.   Moments that make you gasp.  Moments that remind you how short and precious this life is. 


8 thoughts on “You know those moments….

  1. How true is that?!?!? Wow – I would have lost it, I think. God bless that Mom – what a job to hold it all together AND still allow the kids that small bit of freedom.

  2. Here I am crying at my computer. I do not know how people are so strong. Those kids sound amazing, never mind how their mom is keeping it together. I am glad that family has friends like you in their life that they can lean on.

  3. Major tears here. What a touching story. Their dad would be so proud of them. Im sure he’s smiling down on them. Prayers to the family.

  4. Ok, tears dripping down my face too. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to loose my dad at that age or for Isabel to loose Ben. Praise Jesus for his grace and strength for times like this. I will continue to pray for their family.

  5. OK-now I am just checking back in on your blog this morning, and am reading the comments from your post yesterday and I am tearing up again just reading the comments. Must re-direct to another site ASAP. Prayers for the family.

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