Fever update and Chinese New Year photos

Well, I ended up taking Katie to the doctor today- and she has brochitis.  I am really thankful I went.  The doc gave her the first dose of Omnicef in the office, and has told me that the next 2 nights would be rough, and then by Sunday she should be a lot better.  If not, then a chest x-ray will be needed.  Let’s just focus on the she will be feeling better by Sunday part.

Last Saturday we went to Chinatown with our friends, Ben and Kristine and their amazingly beautiful daughter, Isabel for Dim Sum and the Chinese New Year parade.  We had an awesome time.  Sammy learned that he LOVES mango pudding and Jack learned that he adores spare ribs- and Katie, well Katie loved everything but was bummed there were no tofu cakes.  Ben happens to be an amazing photographer- go and check out his blog- but, I stole some of the photos he took.  Thanks guys we had a blast!!  Wo ai ni.







6 thoughts on “Fever update and Chinese New Year photos

  1. OK, San Francisco is 2 hours, and LA is what, 4 or 5 . . . maybe next year we should just bite the bullet and come down your direction. The two Katie Mei’s would just be too cute together!

  2. Poor Katie Mei, tell her Titi ayi is feeling her pain. I’m doing a bit better, my mom is still her THANK the LORD.
    Becky…the trick is a really expensive lens! he he he.

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