That’s DOG to you!


I am the newest bondswoman at Da Kine Bail Bonds.  So, here is the 411. (Is that cool or what, the police lingo).  Katie was really really crabby and not wanting to nap but needing one- BIG TIME.  So I decided to bundle up into the car and go for a little drive and let her sleep while driving up to the boys school.  Get Katie in her seat, and see a man fitting the description of the man that the big police hunt was all about this morning walking up the street towards our house.  I got in the driver side and locked the windows.  He passed behind our car and continued walking up the street.  I call Michael on the cell and he tells me to call the police.

Sooo, call the local police and tell them where I am and the guy that I see, she asks me if he has a goti and I say yes, and she goes into high gear- it was HIM!  So, she asks me to kinda keep my eye on where he goes.  So I try to follow without him seeing me, but he of course does.  At one point, he started walking down another street and sees me again, and ducks behind a car on the ground.  OOoh, I know!  I am all Heather Locklear in TJ Hooker at this point.  Of course, Katie is in the back telling me how she has boogers and is going to eat them.  Buh bye Heather, hello Jenny.

OK, sorry, I digress.  So then, I turn around and get to a place that I can watch- but I lose sight of him.  The officer on the phone told me that the police should show up, and they were already there.  But the guy was gone.  I was so bummed.  Then all these police cars started SCREAMING past me, lights on and sirens going full blast.  I drive around the corner towards my house again, and the phone rings- it is the officer I had been speaking with- and she said "Jenny?  We got him!"  YEEEEHAWWW!!!  I was so excited.  I am so thankful that we happened to see him. 

You know how I wrote that post about being a stay at home mom?  Well, along with all my other duties, I can now list Bounty Hunter, and McGruff the Crime Dog Deputy.  Because I helped….take a bite out of crime.


14 thoughts on “That’s DOG to you!

  1. how does one respond to such an amazing day? jack and i were totally laughing at the heather reference…back to jenny lol! oh, you are so funny! thanks for ending my day with a laugh! t

  2. You’re killing me Jenny, killing me!
    But good for you . . . I mean, if it was me . . . I woulda bundled up that kiddo and hit the mall . . . I can’t stay home when a criminal is near . . . can I?!

  3. Girl you are crazy!!! BUT I am happy that he’s away from your neighborhood! and in JAIL! I’m like you…My mind travels faster and more vividly than it should….

  4. Shut up!! And you didn’t tell me about that when we spoke on the phone!?!?! Holy crap, and all I have is a neighbor whose boob gets stuck in her hand blender. Damn.

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