I have a few random questions…. just out of curiosity….

1.  Do you wear deoderant to bed?

2.  How many times do you shower a day?  A week?  Uh, a month??

3.  Do you hate dry feet?

4.  What is your least favorite routine- i.e. washing face, shaving, etc?

Just wondering….


20 thoughts on “Oddities

  1. 1) only if it’s still on from morning. I’m not a particularly stinky person.
    2)I shower at least once a month, whether i’m stinky or not. which I never am.
    3)I have don’t-ask, don’t-tell policy with my feet. I haven’t removed my current pair of socks since last June.
    4)I absolutely hate parting my hair. I’m thankful that spiral perms are all the rage.

  2. 1. no but I think about it sometimes after hearing your reasons
    2. shower hardly ever, take baths – almost everyday (love my baths!)
    3. Yes, sometimes I can’t go to sleep because my dry feet cry out loudly for lotion, and I don’t like lookin’ at other peoples nasty dry feet either – cover them up world!
    4. face/teeth routine SIGH tedious but needed 🙂
    And by the way, can I ask what that woman in the picture is doing?

  3. 1. Who wears deodorant to bed?
    2. 1-2 a day depends on what I did that day
    3. Dry feet irritate the crap out of me and the only thing more irritating is that I totally pick at it while watching TV. How is that for TMI and ewwwwww.
    4. I love nice shaven legs but….really don’t do it as much as I should, I don’t see the point unless someone is going to be running their hands over them or I am wearing something short.

  4. But why? Why deodorant to bed? I’m not getting that. You’re certainly not old enough for night sweats. Look, I’m going to get all wiggy about it, like, hey give your pits a break from all the Alzheimer’s chemicals! Let ’em breathe! OK I’ll shaddup.
    PS: Christina. Don’t pick your feet. Ew.

  5. 1. yep, every night. Don’t know why or when it started, but can’t go to bed without it.
    2. 2x a day.
    3. HATE THEM. Cannot cannot stand dry feet. I have to lotion them up all the time, and I hate walking in the sand- well, I like it while I am there, but after, yech.
    4. I get crabby about brushing my teeth and blowdrying my hair.
    Thanks for humoring me. : )

  6. 1. No
    2. Once except if I can’t workout til later than twice
    3. Yes… I have callouses… not very pretty.
    4. Shaving legs etc. hate it, but love the feeling when it’s over.And it takes forever to dry my hair…

  7. 1) What? Deoderant to bed? It has never crossed my mind to put it on. Let the pit breath at night, I say!
    2) 1-2/day. I usually work out so need a shower after that.
    3)Hate dry feet, but unfortunatley have them. Don’t know when they crept up on me. I remember looking at my mom’s feet when I was a kid and thinking, “I will never have dry heels like that.” Guess what? I do! And dry toes, etc. Is this too much info.? My feet are wack-bottom line. Don’t know what lotions would work. I would have to be consistent enought with them to work, and that is usually where I fall short. Plus most require wearing socks to bed to help the lotion penetrate, and I can’t stand wearing socks to bed. I feel claustrophobic.
    4) Guess when I am tried the whole kit and kaboodle-washing face routine, Sonicare teeth brushing, lotion application…

  8. You crack me up!!
    Not unless it’s on from the morning.
    1 shower a day – you figure out the other statistics!!
    HATE dry feet – I put on lotion before bed EVERY night.
    Hate shaving my legs – you should see them now – the Redwood Forest!!!

  9. I was wondering also. Is it a woman or a little girl? Is she getting in the shower or out of it? If it is a little girl she is going to get in trouble for that big pile of water she left on the floor. If it is a woman she needs to pull the towel over her boobs. Whatever they have bad taste in decorating.

  10. My my my, this is a doozy of comments eh? Well I’m a bit embarrassed as to my first opinion of what this “female” was doing. The yellow stripes in the floor confused me with the yellow side of the tub, which in turn makes much more sense. Thanks for the elaboration, Christina!

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