All about the OSTRICH

Jack has been working his little tail off on his very first research project.  At the boys school in 3rd grade, they do a bird report.  All different types of birds are written on slips of paper and then the kids choose them out of a hat.  Jack got the Ostrich- so we have been knee deep in Ostrich ever since.  He has done a FABULOUS, AMAZING job.  I am in awe.  I am also really really glad that he is turning it in tomorrow.  I am so proud of you Jack!!  Love you bud.




7 thoughts on “All about the OSTRICH

  1. Great work Jack! Doesn’t feel great to work so hard on something and know how great it is because you did your best.
    I love birds. My favorites are the raptors: eagles, hawks, falcon and owls especially. The are silent when they fly so they can sneak up on their prey. God is amazing how created each one so specifically.

  2. Awesome work…I still haven’t forgotten my major report on Iowa when I was about that age. I know more about the nooks of Iowa than any character born in Des Moines ;0)

  3. That is a VERY cute picture!!!! And the resemblemce is amazing!!! Love the reports! I know how proud we mamas get! Jake did his country report on China this year and man he got the best grade in the class! AND the kids LOVED his oral presentation….we brought in LOTs of props and LOTs of YUMMY Chinese food!

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