My Funny Valentine


15 Years ago, I spent my first Valentine’s Day with Michael.  I was teaching in San Diego and he was at MIT.  I flew back for the long holiday weekend, and to interview at Lesley College.  The interview went great, my hotel was really nice, I got to watch my boyfriend practice volleyball….he was going to pick me up to go to dinner in the North End and a dance.  But first, he had me serenaded by the Chorallaries, an amazing acapella group from MIT.  He chose one of my very favorite songs, My Romance.  Ok, I was totally gone.  We had an amazing night- dinner and dancing.  The rest of the weekend was just as sweet.  I just cannot fathom that it was 15 years ago.

I chose the photo above, because it was on that bridge, at the Boston Public Gardens that Michael asked me to marry him.  Though it wasn’t on Valentine’s day, it was a day and evening I will never ever forget.  I have written about my husband before, and I know I will again.  I am BLESSED beyond measure with the gift of my husband.  I no longer can find where I stop, and he begins.  I love you, my funny Valentine.

7 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. that was so sweet jenny….you are really ringing the boston bell right now, i love it. it brings back so many great memories! i love that bridge! happy v-day to you!!

  2. I would do it all again, just to see that look of happy surprise on your face. You still melt me.
    What a woman!
    Now, where is that button for the private comments?

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