Sweet Sunday


This is the first Sunday in a month that I am not singing.  I love to sing, but am glad for a break.  So this morning, I don’t have to rush out the door with quick kisses to Michael and the kids.  I got to have breakfast with the family, do some laundry, blog a little and help Michael get out the door to go to first service to teach.  He and Jack are off….and Sam, Katie and I will meet them there for second service.  It is so restful.  My heart is full as I watch my kids playing together this morning.  With Dora Fia Fora (Katie’s name) playing in the background, Lucky Charms in bowls for a snack, and time for prayer, it is awesome.  Have a great Sunday! 

Oh!!  We also get a treat of seeing my sweet niece Lindsay this afternoon….can’t wait!  I love ya Linds.



4 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday

  1. We are waiting for our week off next week – we’ve been on few weeks in a row now too – that is quite something when we are both on and have to have all 6 of us there by 8 and then aren’t done until 12:30 – two services!! We are ready for a break – as much as we enjoy it too!

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