This and That with a sick child

What a night.  Does it just kill you when your kids are sick??  Last night, Nana came and took the boys to dinner, which is awesome.  They adore their nana, and she adores them right back.  Nana and the guys come home, and she tells me that Sammy ate 5 pieces of pizza.  5.  5 pieces of pizza.  We are not talking kid size.  Then he ate ice cream.  From Cold Stone.  Then he ate a muffin at home.  Then he told me he had a tummy ache.  Uh, yeah, I would too.  Then he told me he had a barfy tummy ache.  So, Jack and Katie went to bed and Sammy and I hunkered in my room watching Sponge Bob. (Mike was at work)  Long story short, I am sooooo thankful I had a BIG bowl and lots and lots of towels last night.  Poor lamb.  He is doing much better this morning, watching Star Wars and sipping Gatorade. 

Sammy slept better then me (although up every couple of hours).  I had pulled a muscle in my neck, so finally around 3 or so I wised up and took some Advil.  Now the sheets are in the wash, the kids are in jammies watching movies, and I am making bread and maybe thinking of cleaning the closet.  We will see.


It amazes me, being a blogger, how you can get really invested in the lives of virtually unknown people.  I love reading blogs.  Perhaps it is a bit voyeuristic of me, but it is a joy to me.  I love seeing other peoples families, and how they run their homes.  I have been a reader of some blogs for a couple of years, in particular adoptive families from China.  I have really been amazed at the community out there- surprised perhaps at how immense it is.  I have been reading a particular blog since before we went to China.  Immediately I felt a kinship with the writer.  She is a really amazing woman. Her strength, her resiliency and her humor touch me.  She has been through, well, hell and still has her wits about her.  She and her husband have a beautiful, smart , sweet daughter about 6 months younger then Katie. 

I had the privilege of talking to her on the phone today- and we just hit it off.  It was so neat to talk to someone (albeit a bit odd at first) that you feel you "know" but you have never met or spoken before.  Thank you, Karen.  I really enjoyed our conversation- and I hope we can have another one soon!! 

Blogland is big.  But it is also a really small world.  I am really thankful that I am a part of the community!!



14 thoughts on “This and That with a sick child

  1. Totally agree with you – I love bloggerland – odd, isn’t it?!!? I feel disconnected all day when I don’t get my blogging in until bedtime!! I do hope all is well over there now – that is THE WORST!!

  2. oh jenny…i am so sorry about sweet sammy! i hope he is better and your neck is too!
    try to take time today to kick up your feet and enjoy a diet coke!:) love you!

  3. I wish in big blogland that everyone would have to delurk at least once. Thanks to statcounter I know when people come on my site and I am sure they are just like me, nice boring everyday mommies. I do wonder sometimes, who is that random person in Virginia? You just want to know, I guess curiosity just gets the best of me sometimes. I have made an effort to delurk myself on most of the sites I usually read, it makes me feel like a peeping tom otherwise.
    Uhhh what’s up with Rudolf? Is there some joke that I am getting left out of.
    I think Jenny’s weak stomach is somehow related to the fact that she eats ketchup on burritos.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about bloggy buddies and e-pals. Some of them have become some of my best friends and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several and hope to meet more! When Will was in Iraq, he used to laugh about my blogger friends until he got home and started reading some of them. Now he asks what’s going on with so-and-so. πŸ™‚
    Hope Sammy feels better soon.

  5. ok…seriously ditto on CeeJay’s comment. What’s up with rudolph and his girlfriend?
    Glad to hear Sammy is doing better. Hope you all get some god R&R tonight.

  6. Ok, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m with Christina and Kristine. After reading your post I got to the rudolph picture and thought, “Where’d that come from?” I love ya, but you’ve puzzled me. πŸ™‚

  7. remember when I hurt my neck that summer and everyone started calling me Batman because I couldn’t turn my head? I’m just sayin…
    I hope Sammy feels better. Ask him if he still needs some Feenamint! Sigh. He won’t get it.
    I could totally eat five pieces of pizza.

  8. Jenny, I couldn’t agree with you more. My husband laughs at me, (in a nice way) but this is my life….at home with the kids and blogging. Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting your beautiful family picture. I remember you from the “Sweet Pea” days. πŸ˜‰ I added you to my blogs I read, I hope that is ok. Take care…..I’ll be stopping back by soon! πŸ˜‰

  9. I almost choked on a grape when I saw that photo of Rudolph and his girl. Heh. So enjoyed the chat and hey, feel free to call me when I’m naked anytime. (Sounds way kinkier than it was, right?)
    Oh, and Katie’s a rock star diva.
    Chat soon,

  10. I do love bloggy land too!!!! I have made so many good friends and have had the prevlige to meet some too. Jenny….I’ve always felt like we’ve met before, it trips me out! You by chance aren’t a diabetic are you????
    PS – That sounds like Karen from Gwenblog….if so, I miss you!! I lost my passwords to the site! ARGH!

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