That’s DOG to you!


I am the newest bondswoman at Da Kine Bail Bonds.  So, here is the 411. (Is that cool or what, the police lingo).  Katie was really really crabby and not wanting to nap but needing one- BIG TIME.  So I decided to bundle up into the car and go for a little drive and let her sleep while driving up to the boys school.  Get Katie in her seat, and see a man fitting the description of the man that the big police hunt was all about this morning walking up the street towards our house.  I got in the driver side and locked the windows.  He passed behind our car and continued walking up the street.  I call Michael on the cell and he tells me to call the police.

Sooo, call the local police and tell them where I am and the guy that I see, she asks me if he has a goti and I say yes, and she goes into high gear- it was HIM!  So, she asks me to kinda keep my eye on where he goes.  So I try to follow without him seeing me, but he of course does.  At one point, he started walking down another street and sees me again, and ducks behind a car on the ground.  OOoh, I know!  I am all Heather Locklear in TJ Hooker at this point.  Of course, Katie is in the back telling me how she has boogers and is going to eat them.  Buh bye Heather, hello Jenny.

OK, sorry, I digress.  So then, I turn around and get to a place that I can watch- but I lose sight of him.  The officer on the phone told me that the police should show up, and they were already there.  But the guy was gone.  I was so bummed.  Then all these police cars started SCREAMING past me, lights on and sirens going full blast.  I drive around the corner towards my house again, and the phone rings- it is the officer I had been speaking with- and she said "Jenny?  We got him!"  YEEEEHAWWW!!!  I was so excited.  I am so thankful that we happened to see him. 

You know how I wrote that post about being a stay at home mom?  Well, along with all my other duties, I can now list Bounty Hunter, and McGruff the Crime Dog Deputy.  Because I helped….take a bite out of crime.





When your husband walks out the back door to take the trash to the alley to put it in the big trash bins out in the alley, life seems normal.  When said husband, comes back in and calmly tells me to stay inside while he returns outside to lock our storage room and guest house (read:laundry room) doors and come right back in.  Hmm, strange, we don’t normally lock those during the day, or really anytime for that matter- only when we are on vacation.  So, my first thought, "Cool!  He’s taking me on a surprise vacation- where did he hide the bags?"  No, not really, but my first thought, "what is happening".  He calmly tells me that the alley is filled with police officers, looking in and kicking trash cans. 

Why, you may ask?  Well, at this point we don’t know.  Ok, so the kids need to get to school, Katie is bundled up still very feverish, and we get in our cars to leave.  Uh, what do we run into?  Police blocking off our street in every direction, many police officers on foot going between houses, on the train tracks, and basically telling us only, "we are looking for someone".  THANKS FOR THAT INFORMATION!  Looking for someone.  The kids surmise that it must be a kid that is lost.  Ok, we will go with that for their brains, and let Momma’s run to the "OH CRAP, there is a murderer/rapist/child predator breaking into every house on the block, chopping up bodies and hiding them in trash cans."  No joke, that my friends, is how this mind works.

So, I call Mike on his cell and tell him to call our friend, Brett, who is a detective with the police dept.  and find out what is going on.  Mean time, kids safely make it to school with nary a care in the world about the mayhem in my mind.  Katie and I make it back home, to find the place swarming still with police.  I park in our driveway and immediately our neighbor motions to me to come to her house.  She was wondering if I was ok, because while we were gone, there were police officers in our yard.  Of course that helped immensely.  So I assured her we were fine, that I would call her when we heard from Brett.

Inside we go.  Windows, doors and everything else locked, Fenway lookin mean and protective like. (ok, he was really sleeping, but YOU KNOW Fenway would be all up in anyones face).  I call Mike.  Brett had just called him.  So they are looking for a bald, white man who had stolen a car, deposited it in our neighborhood and then ran away  from police into our area. 

Just looked outside.  All is quiet on our street.  But, I am still freaked out and will NOT do any laundry today.  Is that justified?  Sheesh, my brain can’t take this.  Kate is ok, by the way, still uber feverish, and snotty and coughy and basically sick, but she is in good spirits.  Back to watching the windows.


Thanks, for the protection!

Amy’s questions…..

My sister, Amy, had a few questions on her blog today….so play along too!!

1.  What is your favorite beverage?

diet coke with ice and a straw

2.  What is your favorite vacation you have ever taken?

If our trip to China counts, then China- if not, then Tahiti this past summer!

3.  Who was your favorite teacher and why?

I loved my kindergarten teacher, Miss Wilson.  She was always so sweet and she always smelled good.

4.  What is your favorite sandwich?

peanut butter, plain.

5.  Who is your favorie Disney character?

Belle- it was our first date, we saw Beauty and the Beast in the theater.  AWWWW….



Ya give me fever….


Well, another one bites the dust in the Markmiller house.  Yesterday, Jack was at home with a sore throat, tummy ache and headache.  He is great today- and back at school.  So this morning, he had a presentation for his Ostrich Report, which was like a science fair- where all the 3rd graders sat around tables with their reports and we got to look at each one and make comments.  Let me tell you, they were all wonderful!  Anyway, Kate was up coughing last night, but seemed ok this morning.  She was a bit whinier then her usual self.  So she and I were walking around looking at all the reports, and she asked me to pick her up, and when I did, she was just burning up.  Poor lamb.  So home we went and motrin given, big cup of cold apple juice mixed with water, and as much Dora, Caillou, Max & Ruby that she can watch.  : )


Menu Plan Monday


Here ya go…. go visit Laura to see more menus!!!

Monday:  breakfast:  Eggs, toast, sliced bananas

               lunch:  Chicken cesar wraps, grapes, pretzles, cookie

               dinner:  BBQ Chicken, green beans, baked potatoes

Tuesday:  breakfast:  French Toast, milk

                lunch:  PB&J, apple rings, chips, cookie

                dinner:  White Chili, tortilla chips, green salad

Wednesday:  breakfast:  Smoothies, Oatmeal muffins

                     lunch:  Turkey and cheese, pickle, orange slices, granola bar

                     dinner:  Hot dogs in a biscuit, homemade mac n cheese, green salad

Thursday:  breakfast:  Pancakes, sliced fruit, milk

                  lunch:  Leftover mac n cheese, carrots with dip, pretzles, cookie

                 dinner:  Grilled chicken, spinach, brown rice

Friday:  breakfast:  Homemade granola, vanilla yogurt, craisins

              lunch:  Hot Lunch

              dinner:  OUT!!  Lindsay here, pizza night for kids.



Momma gets to play(Daddy too)

Girls_oscar Last night, my friends Leslie and Auntie Cokey, threw their annual Oscar party.  We got an invite this year and have to say it was a BLAST!  Even for us lame people who had not set foot in any theater in the past year, well, we actually saw Taladega Nights, but it was not up for an award.  Sadly enough.  We ate amazing food, and got to get all prettied up!  Here are a couple of photos from the evening.  Love you girls!  Thanks again!!




I have a few random questions…. just out of curiosity….

1.  Do you wear deoderant to bed?

2.  How many times do you shower a day?  A week?  Uh, a month??

3.  Do you hate dry feet?

4.  What is your least favorite routine- i.e. washing face, shaving, etc?

Just wondering….