2 Years Ago Today

We posted this information to our DTC and Agency Yahoo group….

With great joy we announce the referral of our daughter and Jack and
Sammy’s Mei Mei….

Chinese Name: Chen Jing Ying
Soon to be called: Katherine Mei (Jing or Ying….)
Birthdate: 7/8/04
Weight: 14.33 lbs
Length: 65 cm
As of: date? 12/10/04
SWI: Chen Zhou Childrens Welfare
Province: Hunan
LID: 8/13/04
Date of Referral: 1/31/04
Agency: AWAA
Age/Gender Requested: 0-12 mos AYAP

Name of Mommy and Daddy Michael and Jenny Markmiller
33, 34
(ages please)

Pictures coming soon!!!! We are over the moon….


I cannot believe it has been 2 years.  Where did those years go?  Oh, sweet sweet Jingying…How we are blessed beyond measure with you.  Katie Mei, you are such joy to us.  You complete our family in a way we could never have imagined.  Walking that long and twisted red thread to find you was difficult, exhausting, exhilirating, emotional and by far worth every step.  Thank you to Chenzhou Children’s Welfare Institute, who lovingly took care of our daughter for the first 9 months of her life.  Thank you so much to AWAA for walking us through the process hand in hand.  Jack and Sammy, who opened their hearts to welcome and adore this little sister of theirs with passion.  Thank you to Michael, who had the dream in his heart to adopt our daughter from China.  To our daughter’s birth parents, we are forever deeply indebted to you for loving Katie so much.  We cannot begin to express our thanks enough.  And to our heavenly Father, I have learned so much about you as my Father.  I have seen first hand how you loved me before I loved you.  Thank you for this amazing gift, one that I cannot comprehend.  Katherine Mei Jingying Markmiller, we love you.  Wo ai ni.

Katie_mei_awaa               Img_3661_1


13 thoughts on “2 Years Ago Today

  1. I can’t believe it’s already been two years. We love her soo much too. I can’t really remember what it was like without her.

  2. SO TRUE – I have learned so much about God through adoption – our Father has a deep love for us that is unexplainable – just like our love for our little ones – what a deep and profound blessing.

  3. I will never forget the emotions I felt as well. It just didn’t seem real until we saw pictures. Then it wasn’t real enough until I heard your voice all the way in China telling me you had her. But it didn’t feel truly real until I held her myself. And she just smiled at me with that Katie Mei smile. I didn’t want to stop hugging and tickling her – that laugh is STILL contagious. I LOVE THAT KID!

  4. Hi! I just found you tonight by searching through all the Monday Menu things. We have a four year old from China and……we used AWAA, too!!!! Small world, huh? Would love to visit with you more! ; )

  5. Oh Katie Mei… how you are such a gift from God. We love you so very much and can’t imagine a time when we didn’t have you in our lives…
    “I Like Life”…
    xoxo Aunt Amy

  6. You have much to be thankful for. Your family looks so happy; you can tell daddy and brothers love that sweet little girl (of course Mom, too, but we’re always holding the camera, right?).

  7. A day we will all never forget. It was two years ago that week as well, where you and I first met in person. I am so thankful to have you in my life. What a great friend you are. I couldnt of gone thru that week without you. It all happened for a reason and I am forever greatful for that.

  8. Awww, sniff! There is nobody like good ol’ Katie Mei! I can’t imagine our family without her. Thank you for bringing her home to all of us.

  9. Oh, I remember all the referrals coming in and I especially remember Miss Katie Mei because her referral picture was so funny with her leaning over in the walker. She just knows how to make people smile, even then! All the referrals were coming in just a few weeks after Caroline’s referral and I was pinned to the computer for days (poor Peter was getting ticked!).
    She is a joy to your family and I don’t think there is a child in China who fits into your family better! God is awesome. We truly understand His love for us by His adoption of us through our adoption of our babies.
    Love, Teresa

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