I have got the bug….

Organization bug that is!  Ok, my new project of the day….our desk. 


Before….sheesh.  Notice my inhaler right by the keyboard???


Now the AFTER!!!



Had to celebrate with a diet coke!  Ok, so now you know where I am wnem I blog! : )  Have a great Friday!


11 thoughts on “I have got the bug….

  1. I feel like that’s all I’ve been doing lately too – organizing and more organizing – hauling junk out of the house and STILL I have tons to haul – what is up with that??? I love the desk – you did a great job – way to go!!

  2. Oh you’ve definitely got the bug…lol. Another great job! I love the magazine holders and the boxes. Very nice…thanks for sharing those with me.
    Laura (orgjunkie)

  3. Wow, those pictures on your desk are so beautiful. Where did you ever get them? By the way, is that bug contagious, and can we share a coke or something so I can get it? LOVE YA!

  4. Hmmmphh… Just so u know… Im now spending my only free time on a Saturday to… organize my desk! Thanks alot! LOL! Could u clean the oven next so I can get motivated-LMAO! Great Job-looks fab!

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