This morning, I decided to tackle my pantry in my kitchen.  I do not like my pantry.  It has really deep shelves and it is really difficult to find anything.  So I took a trip to my .98 cent store and purchased a mess of containers.  So without further ado, my before and after pantry photos…




And ahhhhh….after!


Notice the labels.

I was really really happy with the outcome!  Next project, not today, is my desk.  AAAHH.  I love the organization of it all.


16 thoughts on “Organization

  1. I am impressed, ashamed, and not quite motivated yet, because I know it’s gonna be alot of work. However, I’m proud of you getting it done. It will eventually spur me to do mine but I’m in a lazy mood right now with a bit of a headache. Time for excedrin. Good job, Jenny!

  2. Ahhh Man, I am so not in the mood to clean my pantry. I caved and did the fridge but the pantry? I know I really need to mine is a first class mess. Pressure me after the FIL leaves on Tuesday.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I look at my pantry everyday and think- someday, I’m gonna get you- maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but SOMEDAY!
    BTW; I posted, didn’t “lurk” 🙂

  4. Wow…so beautiful. Those Honey O’s from Trader Joe’s are my FAVORITE!!! i guess i’ll have to follow in suit and organize my pantry soon. Way to motivate

  5. Well I guess this is what you need to post to get 10 comments 🙂 My closet is organized by type of clothing and colors. Why don’t you try that one next, with pictures please 🙂

  6. Jenny…PLEASE come to my house!!!!!!!!!!!! I do that for a living at OTHER peoples houses, SO my house looks like poop! You inspire me though….even though today I have a big house to do and yeah, YUCK!

  7. Looks nice. My pantry is by colors and food group with one shelf for stuff that, for some reason, doesn’t fall into other groups. Be proud of your success! 🙂

  8. That is just absolutely fantastic! I’m so happy you told me you did this. I love to look at before and afters. Your use of containers is just awesome and you even labelled!! Gosh I get all misty just looking at it. Well done! Laura (orgjunkie)

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