Patiently.  Well, ok, not so much on my end.  We may hear about a change of location this week.  How can I wait?  I feel on edge all the time.  I am crabby and trying so hard not to think about it.  Poor Michael.  Ok, so HELP, friends out there in bloggyland.  Converse with me.  Ask me a question.  My life?  ANYTHING!!!  I need distraction, and man I need it fast.  Come on phone!! RING!!!

6 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Blech! So, who was your favorite wierdo on AI last night? I particularly liked the girl who could imitate the cowardly lion, especially her rendition of the Prince song at the end. HILARIOUS! I also froogled Paula Abdul’s video like Kristine mentioned in your last post – I’d say she had a few too many. Looking forward to our Bible study too. By the way, you’re ignoring the ww blog. Distracted yet???

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