This roadtrip brought to you by…..

GAS!!! ; )

We have had such a great week!  We left on the 28th…bound for some dear friend’s home in Idaho.  They live about an hour outside of Jackson Hole, WY.  So off we go!  We traveled through Ca and made our first stop for fun and enjoyment at Calico Ghost Town.  We had such a fun time.  None of us had been there before.  We rode the train, went in a mine and looked at some really cool old buildings.  The most interesting thing I think I learned was that there was a population of Chinese immigrants who lived and mined in Calico!  It was cool.Img_3654

Before Calico….



Img_3661 Img_3666



We then drove on…and realized um, that we all of a sudden, TRULY…had no gas.  We started slowing up a hill about 10 miles from our stop for the evening.  Well, thankful for AAA and lots of ski clothes, we waited for the nice man to bring us gas…and then made it to our hotel.  More later!!

9 thoughts on “This roadtrip brought to you by…..

  1. Love the pictures. Trivia, where you were outside by the school house is where we had Donny’s memorial service. Isn’t Calico hysterical, it makes you want to go buy a bonnet and play Little House on the Prarie.

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