2 Years Ago Today

We posted this information to our DTC and Agency Yahoo group….

With great joy we announce the referral of our daughter and Jack and
Sammy’s Mei Mei….

Chinese Name: Chen Jing Ying
Soon to be called: Katherine Mei (Jing or Ying….)
Birthdate: 7/8/04
Weight: 14.33 lbs
Length: 65 cm
As of: date? 12/10/04
SWI: Chen Zhou Childrens Welfare
Province: Hunan
LID: 8/13/04
Date of Referral: 1/31/04
Agency: AWAA
Age/Gender Requested: 0-12 mos AYAP

Name of Mommy and Daddy Michael and Jenny Markmiller
33, 34
(ages please)

Pictures coming soon!!!! We are over the moon….


I cannot believe it has been 2 years.  Where did those years go?  Oh, sweet sweet Jingying…How we are blessed beyond measure with you.  Katie Mei, you are such joy to us.  You complete our family in a way we could never have imagined.  Walking that long and twisted red thread to find you was difficult, exhausting, exhilirating, emotional and by far worth every step.  Thank you to Chenzhou Children’s Welfare Institute, who lovingly took care of our daughter for the first 9 months of her life.  Thank you so much to AWAA for walking us through the process hand in hand.  Jack and Sammy, who opened their hearts to welcome and adore this little sister of theirs with passion.  Thank you to Michael, who had the dream in his heart to adopt our daughter from China.  To our daughter’s birth parents, we are forever deeply indebted to you for loving Katie so much.  We cannot begin to express our thanks enough.  And to our heavenly Father, I have learned so much about you as my Father.  I have seen first hand how you loved me before I loved you.  Thank you for this amazing gift, one that I cannot comprehend.  Katherine Mei Jingying Markmiller, we love you.  Wo ai ni.

Katie_mei_awaa               Img_3661_1


A rare sight…

In So. Cal today…


Rain!!!  I love love love rainy days.  Katie and I have been holed up at home today.  We have chopped veggies for soup, read stories, watched the ever so awful and annoying and whiny popular Calliou, we have gone "shopping" for cream cheese, peanut butter and carrots.  We have held her little sister (read: LALA) close and we have eaten lunch at the table together.  We are about to go pick up the testosterone troop at school…maybe make some cookies or go for a splash in the puddles.  Although, that could be dangerous with Jack and Sammy around.  Momma tends to get drenched!  Then, I will switch up my menu tonight so we can enjoy Aunt Amy’s chicken soup and homemade french bread.  Have I mentioned how much I love rainy days??  : )

Menu Plan Monday


It is Monday again…and over at Laura’s blog, you can see many other yummy menus!  Since I plan for all 3 meals, I decided to just post my whole menu for the week!  Enjoy!!

Monday: breakfast: Blueberry banana smoothies, scrambled eggs

              lunch: Moodles, veggies and dip, dried fruit

              dinner:  Tomato and Spinach pasta, garlic bread, mixed green salad

Tuesday: breakfast:  Cinnamon bread, melon slices, milk

               lunch: Ham and cheese sandwiches, grapes, pretzles. a cookie

               dinner: Teriyake grilled salmon, steamed rice, broccoli

Wednesday: breakfast:  Cereal with milk, sliced bananas

                   lunch:  PB&J sandwiches, apple rings, sliced cucumber, cookie

                   dinner:  BBQ chicken salad, tortilla crisps

Thursday:  breakfast: Pancakes, turkey sausage, OJ

                 lunch:  Chicken nuggets, chips, oranges, cookie

                 dinner:  Chicken pot pie, salad

Friday: breakfast:  Waffles, bananas, OJ

           lunch:  Hot Lunch at school

           Dinner:  Date night!  Pizza with Nana and Pop for the kids.

Saturday:  breakfast:  bagels with cream cheese, apple juice

               lunch:  PB&J , fruit, chips

               dinner:  Vegetable soup, bread, salad

Yummy!  I am hungry now.  Sheesh.

I have got the bug….

Organization bug that is!  Ok, my new project of the day….our desk. 


Before….sheesh.  Notice my inhaler right by the keyboard???


Now the AFTER!!!



Had to celebrate with a diet coke!  Ok, so now you know where I am wnem I blog! : )  Have a great Friday!


This morning, I decided to tackle my pantry in my kitchen.  I do not like my pantry.  It has really deep shelves and it is really difficult to find anything.  So I took a trip to my .98 cent store and purchased a mess of containers.  So without further ado, my before and after pantry photos…




And ahhhhh….after!


Notice the labels.

I was really really happy with the outcome!  Next project, not today, is my desk.  AAAHH.  I love the organization of it all.