It’s the most wonderful time?

Ok, y’all know that I love my children.  With passion.  They are wonderful, amazing, fun, silly and all that.  But the first day of vacation stinks!  I know that is awful to say, but it does.  Particularly when I have a few last minute things to do- and they would rather be having teeth pulled.  Ah, I am such a bad mom. 

8 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time?

  1. You are not! They have routines that they are used to, and we have routines that WE are used to, and for you that does not include two extra bodies home 24/7 wanting your attention, etc. all the time, especially when you have stuff to do! 🙂 It will all even out in a day ot two-hang in there!

  2. Hey, y’all want to meet me and Cars for lunch on Friday? We have sekrit shopping to do in the am, then we’re doing mani-pedis, then lunch and then hopefully going to see Happy Feet, which I promised and subsequently been avoiding for weeks. But if y’all could get to Pasadeenie around lunch time, let me know!

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