Mom, it smells like Nacho Cheese burp….

Nothing good can come from that statement.  I woke up to that statement, and that smell permeating from our living room and kitchen.  All the children were well and accounted for.  Our dog, Fenway, on the other hand was whining and pacing.  That is when the smell and the sight of dog poop all over our living room and kitchen hit me.  Poor thing.  He is fine.  Michael, my amazing husband, cleaned it all up.  We have to praise Tt_line

Totally Toddler for it’s amazing clean up ability!  And, its wonderful smell.  If you haven’t tried it yet, do….AWESOME!!! 

Have a great Saturday!!


8 thoughts on “Mom, it smells like Nacho Cheese burp….

  1. Now THAT is not how you want to start off your weekend!!! Gotta love those dogs. As much grief as they cause us sometime, they are still a member of the family. 🙂

  2. Oh, dog ‘accidents’ are the worst! All three of mine (I had three at the time) had a stomach virus at the same time. Disgusting!!!
    I’ve got to get some of that Totally Toddler stuff! Who carries it?

  3. Dog from Hell has decided she doesn’t like to poop in the wind. Check out the news lately it has been kinda windy up to 73 MPH. hmmmmm not so fond of the dog right now. Yucky thing is when your kids rooms are so messy you don’t notice the poop because you just thought it was another lego. Blech. But at least mine was easy to clean up. I don’t envy you.

  4. Ew. Poor Fenway, dogs just feel so humiliated after something like that happens. Poorer you, though. Did you happen to have any Certs gum?

  5. Babies R Us sells it. This is the only place I have been able to find it! Courtney used it one time on a shirt that Abigail had a nosebleed on, and it worked great too on that!

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