Favorite Things Tag

Becky had this cute tag on her blog…. so without further ado…..


My favorite things….

1. Slippers

2.  Singing (with a group, to steal Becky’s)

3.  Watching my kids sleep.

4.  The smell of a baby’s neck.

5.  Early morning snuggles with my hubby.

6.  Homemade bread.

7.  My sisters

8.  my friends

9.  our church

10. (last but NOT least) Michael, Jack, Sam and Katie

A few of Katie’s favorite things….

1.  Mommy

2.  Meat

3.  Laughing

4.  Bear

5. La La

6.  Jack and Sam

7. Daddy

8.  Fenway

9. singing

10.  Calliou

Tag!!  You are it….. Courtney, Christina, Amy, Meg and Kristine.


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