Wedding Weekend Ahead

Well, this weekend, my beautiful sister-in-law, Gigi is getting married!!!  Wahooo.


Gigi and Bill

And our three goofballs are in the wedding.  Heaven help us.


Here is Katie Mei’s dress…


The boys are wearing….


(not my boys, btw)….lol and kakhis.

My awesome and wonderful niece, Lindsay….


(and amazingly beautiful, I might add) is also coming to spend the weekend with us!  I cannot wait.

Oh, and Taylor….


is opening as Scrooge on Friday.  WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!  I cannot wait to see you next week.  We are praying for you and hope you "break a leg". 

Phew.  Crazy weekend ahead.  Hope you all are well.


6 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend Ahead

    of Katie Mei in that adorable dress!
    Ooooh, I can’t wait to see her in it.
    And yes – we MUST get together. It was just 5 hours to Hollywood last week – not a bad trip at all. Unfortunately, all the places to meet in the middle smell like cow poop – so we’ve got to come all the way to you! 🙂

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