When your day starts with arguing children, a dog that smells like death warmed over, a little girl who climbs out of her carseat because she is bright enough to undo all the seatbelts and a new shirt that you think looks good but your husband says nothing good about….and you feel like you weigh more than an elephant about to give birth….you know you are in for one loooooooong day.


10 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. It’s early Jenny . . . pace yourself!!! 🙂
    Of course, this written by a mom with a 6yo sicko on the couch, and incredibly crabby 18mo whining throughout the house, and a 10yo doing school in her bedroom while pouting.
    Fun times at my house as well!

  2. SIGH – About the shirt… you just have to tell him that everyone else loved it, and it’s the style! I had a shirt like that where Brandon wasn’t convinced until I wore it a few times, now he loves it. About the dog, spray him with febreeze. Carseat, hmmm, are chains illegal? You already got rid of the arguing children by this point, and the elephant part, well, Weight Watchers makes chocolate cake. Feelin’ you on the elephant part, but then again, we just need to read pack to your previous post. I love you!!!

  3. Ohhh I like that picture. At least your dog doesn’t have crusty poo stuck on her butt. OHHHH look at me I crossed the line that Jenny hates. HE HE HE HA.
    If you feel like an elephant, go drink some water then go run some errands so you don’t get bored and snack. NOW!!! if you are reading this. STOP NOW and get a big glass of water, that goes for you too Courtney. It will fill you up. NEXT, pick up the phone, NOW yes NOW!!! call your hubbies and leave them a one sentence voice mail telling them you love them. Yes, I know they are dense but they are male and can’t help it. DO it NOW. Yes, I will be calling to verify. OK, I am now drinking my water and just hung up the phone with hubby. Did you?

  4. OK, does it count that I have my mouth full of Cheez-Its….I mean um….carrots…(well, they ARE the same color)….OK OK. Closing the box. Calling my hubby. And drinking. Didja notice that I didn’t say WHAT I was drinkin??? ; )

  5. You are gorgeous, your children are perfect and you have a fabulously supportive older sister. 🙂 Hope your day is going better and that the beverage was Diet Coke with ice and a straw. Love you…

  6. Love you too Meg- and Fenway needs a round of ear drops. He gets yeast infections in his ears- one of his weird little things, so the early warning we have is that he starts to smell wrong. And I am doing better!

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