Am I the only one?


I overheard a conversation on the playground the other day while watching my 3 frolic on the slides and monkey bars.  It was something I have heard before but it really struck me this time.  Two kindergarten mom’s were discussing their busy schedule.  How their children were almost done with soccer and another sport….what to move onto next?  Well, one was ready to put hers into jazz, hip hop and guitar while another was vying for hip hop, tennis and karate.  HUH?  They turn to me then and ask what were Sammy, Jack and Katie involved in.  And I smiled and said "nothing".  I think I stumped them.  No, that is right.  My children are not in soccer (though we would like that soon), piano, t-ball, tennis or underwater basket weaving.  They come home from school.  They have a snack and do their homework.  Then they play.  You know, play?  Like jumping on the trampoline, building legos, catching slugs in a cardboard box- did you know you can see really cool trails on it?  They watch Zoom and Katie makes me many dishes in her kitchen. 

Please, don’t get me wrong, I think that after school activities are great.  But, in this day I really feel like these kids don’t get a chance to just be kids.  If my kids are interested in something, you can be sure we will make every chance available to explore it.  But, not at the expense of precious play and hang out time.  Also, we thankfully, can still have dinner together as a family every night.  Without pressures- other than BSF for Michael on Monday.  I just love hearing their laughter, seeing them decompress from their day at school.  I love giving them some time to just BE. 

The other moms thought I was a bit loony.  Especially when they found out Katie Mei is not in pre school yet.  Sheesh.  Am I the only one?


9 thoughts on “Am I the only one?

  1. No, you’re not! We made a family decision a long time ago that our children will be involved in ONE sport or activity at a time and only if THEY are interested in it. Peter wanted to start baseball, but it is on Sunday and it is AFTER church. He only has 2 games left and may want to try soccer. Caroline is not in pre school either and neither of my children spent one day in daycare. If I had to work (and some women actually do), it would be different, but if I’m at home, so are they! The worst day spent with my children is better than any day at the office!
    By the way, are you able to make the picnic on the 18th?

  2. Since I think I am the oldest Mom with the oldest kids here, I can easliy attest to “one thing at a time”. I worked for the first 13 years of Lindsay’s and Taylor’s lives. We only had time for one thing at a time. We have taken great pains to all sit down to dinner together and it has been such a blessing. As the teen years approach, schedules will adjust. The family dinners will become a little more difficult.Take time now to have that play time and fun time. They will encounter busyness soon enough.

  3. You are so not the only one! I HATE running all over town and trying to be on time and all that poop! I so enjoy just coming home and sharing the day, playing a game or just hanging out. Dinner is never rushed or on the road, it’s together and enlightening!

  4. NO – NO – NO!! We are right there with you – in fact, it’s one of the reasons we choose to homeschool – we just want our kids to have more time to be kids – they SO need that. They will have time for lessons, ball, etc. later – enjoy it now!!

  5. Mine each do one sport and Tristan and Abby each do an instrument. That alone takes up all the time. I don’t know how or why anyone would do more. It is funny that you bring this up now because we were just talking about it. I think it is because soccer is over for the fall and we were debating starting basketball for all the kids. I like the idea of them getting exercise since the school’s PE program isn’t great. BUT…I was really looking forward to reclaiming my Saturday mornings. Oh by the way, I haven’t been able to find that underwater basket weaving class.

  6. I think you’re wise to know what feel right for you and your family.
    I, too, sometimes think, “Wow, I’m so glad our family doesn’t have two billion obligations every week!” It feels fairly easy for us to manage school + piano on Wednesdays + swim practice on Fridays. But I also know families for whom very zealous scheduling works, for whatever reason. It definitely depends on what a family’s priorities are.
    Personally, I’m happy that you’re not always under the schedule gun, because that means it’s easier to get some time with you guys!

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