I got this in an email…..



Still not 100%

I am doing better….but this headache is a whopper. Still not done yet, but thankfully not at migraine stage today. I am gonna take it easy. I will post some photos later today or tomorrow.

Emotional basketcase

Ok.  You know that you are not up to snuff when one of your children says, "hey, I remember when I barfed in this shirt"  and then one of the other children says "you do?  that was a long time ago" and the other answers back "yeah, but it still smells like it" and then the other says back "yeah, when momma washes our clothes they sometimes smell really bad." 

Sheesh.  And I totally took it personally.  Now, I smelled the shirt, and it smelled like April Freshness and Bounce to me.  My loving husband saw the tears in my eyes and hugged me.  I know it is silly, but dangit, I have a really awful sore throat and it just set me off.  Sheesh.  I feel like a ninny.  Ah well, gotta go fold another load of rank, rotten, smelly, vomit infested laundry and go to bed.


A BIG shout out to my amazingly wonderful friend Christina…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Welcome home from Alaska.  And just to say that I am so thankful to be blessed with you as my friend.  We have known each other FOREVER, and honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do without our million daily calls where we talk about nothing and everything.  You know me inside and out, and still you like me!!  LOL. I love you my friend.  Happy Happy Birthday!! (hey, is Mike doing an evening for you??)  Since we don’t do gifts, here is mine to you….may bring back just a few memories!